Australia & New Zealand – February 2023

I absolutely loved the trip Australia/New Zealand. We did so much, and saw such incredible scenery…it was amazing! The locals were so friendly, laid back and helpful….those Australian smiles! No worries, mate!
Peggy, Niagara Falls ON


Uganda with Debbie – November 2022

The local guides were all knowledgeable and passionate about their work. They definitely added to the experience. WTN host Debbie Ross is friendly, caring, responsible – a great leader. I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job! Most memorable experience. I saw the chimps at Ngamba Sanctuary that I read about in The Chimpanzee Whisperer! The proximity to the gorillas was more than I could have ever imagined.
Penny, Cambridge ON

The gorilla trekking far exceeded my expectations! Being so up close was more than I ever expected. This whole trip exceeded my expectations… The trip was the highlight of all my trips!
Jan, London ON

Uganda was never on my bucket list, but I am so glad I took this trip. From Day One’s visit to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary to relaxing by the pool before our flight home, every day was an adventure: jeep and walking safaris; rhino trekking, chimp trekking and the grand finale, gorilla trekking. The boat cruises were lovely, another way of viewing Uganda scenery and wildlife.  The accommodations were charming, all with their own unique characteristics.  The food was delicious, scenery breathtaking.  But one of the things I loved the most were the people of Uganda, so welcoming and gracious.  We were well taken care of by our Tour Guides who helped make this such a memorable trip.  Over a month later I am still on a high.   This was my first trip with the Women’s Travel Network and it didn’t disappoint.  If the Uganda trip is ever offered again, I would seriously consider a return visit.
Debbie F, Oshawa ON


Kenya with Melissa- November 2022

Our guide, John, was also wonderful. Careful and cautious when needed and a great sport and educator always. WTN host Melissa was always engaging and helpful. Made the trip easy and far more enjoyable.
Laurie, Victoria BC

Most memorable moments. During our night game drive we came upon the lionesses and 4 cubs and the mom elephant and her babies that came to our Sweetwater watering hole. There were many.
Pat, Toronto On

WTN host Melissa was absolutely the best. Enthusiastic, super attentive to anything we could possibly have wanted.
Lynn, Ottawa ON


Egypt with Laurie – October 2022

It was a life-inspiring and life-affirming trip for me. We made new friends. WTN should focus more in their advertising on the team at the other end. Having Eman and the guys driving us, our regular buses, planning, coordinating, interpreting and interceding for us was such a BONUS!! Did not expect that, and it was one of the most valuable assets of the trip.  Most memorable moment. We did a river cruise as the sun set with an older gentleman in his felucca. He ran from one end of the boat to the other to steer the ship and manage the sails, in bare feet and wearing a caftan, but was wearing a NYPD ball cap and used a cell phone. It was a moment in time –
past and present!
Catherine, Niagara Falls ON

I will never forget the evening sailing on Nile in the feluca. The peace and beauty of that moment gave me much needed time to reflect on the incredible history surrounding us every day on this journey. WTN host Laurie had the hardest job – ppl management! She was the glue that held the group together and that helped build a sense of community within the group quite quickly. She really did a fantastic job in handling all the different personalities and needs of the group – all while keeping a smile on!
Trish,  Niagara Falls ON

Laurie was always positive and seeking to make everyone happy. She sought clarification for us when we were confused and was a wonderful host/travel mate.


Morocco with Cynthia – October 2022

Booking with WorldWide Quest was exceptionally easy, and bookings were made in timely  fashion, and well(by that I mean that no issues were later discovered with missing or incorrect bookings, having been made). Advice about travel insurance provided by WorldWide Travel was exceptionally good and timely. Booking for extension to Essaouira was relatively easy.  Driss Elkorchi, of Moro Travel, who accompanied us throughout, was exceptional. He was knowledgeable about the history and culture of Morocco, and was very articulate in transmitting the information to us. He was attentive to our needs and interests, and suggested modifications to the itinerary based on these. The various local guides that we encountered were also very knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend them.
One of my favourite experiences was visiting the Berber Market in Ghmate. The sights, sounds, smells and colours were unbelievable! Without our local guide, Driss Elkorchi, we would never have experienced this fascinating window into the lives of rural Moroccan Berbers.
Rumona, Victoria Beach MB

Driss was an amazing guide…super knowledgeable and kind. He worked very hard to meet the needs of the group and to provide us with the best possible experience. The most memorable part of the trip was our experience in the Desert…racing through the sand dunes, camel ride, and tented camp.
Mary Anne, Picton ON

This was an incredibly memorable trip. Thank you, Cynthia, Driss and our drivers.
Liz, Toronto ON


Egypt with Laureen – September 2022

The nile river cruise was spectacular. Our guide Menal was not only very knowledgeable but so personable …she was a total delight! WTN host Laureen was always available to find answers for all our questions and brought a good sense of humour to the group…..the group “gelled” well. I would travel with Laureen anytime.
Penny, Ottawa ON

Both accommodations were fantastic with great views and comfortable beds and amenities. Most memorable moment. I’m sure all of us will say the pyramids and the camel ride. They were the first things we did and they said “you’re really in Egypt”. That being said the time spent with others at the pool on the Sonesta Star watching the Egyptian landscape go by was pretty spectacular.
Shelley, Brantford ON 

This was an awe inspiring trip. I’m still in amazement at the things we saw and did with a great group of friends.
Lynne, Victoria BC


Morocco Mother & Daughter With Debbie & Shannon – September 2022

Most memorable moment. Loved the hike through the Toubkal Park, up the mountain side to a beautiful terrace for lunch. Passing through this town and watching the locals harvest walnuts and seeing local farmers at
work, was just so incredibly scenic and memorable for me.
Our tour host Debbie was absolutely fabulous. The group of women together made this one of the most memorable trips I have ever been on! I had my reservations about a group trip, but I can not begin to express how happy I am that this all came together to make this trip so memorable.
Kristine, Victoria BC

Excellent experience. Enjoyed the whole mother-daughter group aspect to the trip. Our whole group got along so well. Both Debbie and Shannon went out of their way to assist me when I suffered a mishap. I have and would continue to travel with Debbie anytime. She’s so organized and efficient not to mention a great leader.
Brenda, London ON

This was my 7th trip with WTN and as always Debbie was an exceptional tour host. Thank you Debbie and Shannon for all you did!!! The group became a family almost immediately which made the experience even more enjoyable. Another adventure for my memory book.
Rookie, Maple ON


Amalfi Coast, Italy – September 2022

High calibre, well planned, takes the worry out of travel, lovely balance of excursions and down time.Like travelling with your girlfriends. Lovely to have pleasant dinner companions sharing flavourful meals.As a single lady I felt safe and well cared for. Great local guides and tour hosts.
Gail, Toronto ON

Loved the cooking class at Villa Ida. It was so much fun and the food was excellent and fresh…best meal on the trip. The mozzarella farm was awesome too as well as the gelato making class.
Janice, Toronto ON

Hotel Plaza Sorrento: The personnel was fabulous and the room was comfortable and clean. The hotel was also well located in the heart of oldtown.

Hotel Plaza Sorrento. Loved the hotel, staff and food. Excellent! The cooking class was so much fun. I love travelling with this company. I know our accommodations will be nice and we will be safe.
Linda, Oakville ON


Scotland With Rowena – September 2022

Some of my favourite experiences. Driving through the Highlands which are magnificent. Superb local tour guide who kept things so interesting and adapted where needed. Loved Inverness where we got to see the Queen’s funeral on the TV. Loved Falkland, Culross, Dunkeld House and nice change going to Hopetoun Garden Centre for lunch. Edinburgh was lovely as was Glasgow. The architecture in both cities is just superb.

The friendliest bunch of girls on the planet and 2 wonderful tour guides Rowena and Andie.
Karen, Stouffville ON


Northern Italy With Ruthi-  September 2022

Ruthi is a warm kind tour leader who went out of her way to ensure each traveller was happy at all times. She maintained a professional approach with the local leader and quietly adapted activities to better suit the moment. One of my favourite experiences was walking through a vineyard at harvest time then sitting down for lunch on a beautiful terrace overlooking the valley.
Peggy, Victoria BC

Favourite Experience: The pork factory and cooking class were both fun and interesting – of course, Venice can’t be missed (although our hotel there was in need of some redecorating)
Melody, Omemee ON

Favourite Experience: Tour of winery in a Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde with lunch outside overlooking the fabulous mountain views was great. Also the visit to La Fattoria di Parma and fabulous charcuterie lunch in their cellar restaurant.
Barbara, Waterloo, ON


Newfoundland – July 2022

The WTN staff were so thorough and right away I knew I was going to have a great trip with such caring people on thefront line before the actual trip began in Newfoundland! One of my most memorable experiences was attending the Commemorative ceremony for 9/11 was amazing! Beautiful music, lovely setting, and spontaneous fun and dancing – WOW!
I think the Women’s Travel Network is already doing a great job choosing travel destinations.

Bus driver Larry Hahn with McCarthy tours was fantastic. Always going that little extra. I’d request him for any other tours you mind do in Nfld. Favourite experience: Whale Watching with O’Briens
Diane, Niagara Falls ON


Ireland With Deb – May 2022

Our small group of 10 women were all wonderful and kind. There were NO personality issues, and the group was a comfortable place to be. Highlight — the dog herding demo and also the ethnographic park at Muck Ross house. I really enjoy learning about how people live or lived. Generally, a wonderful experience. Ireland is fabulous, beautiful and friendly. Deb is a gem and we were sooo lucky to have a congenial group of women.
Chris, Toronto ON

In many ways, I think I got good value. I enjoyed the small group size and the fellow travellers. We were a congenial bunch. I also think I got a very nice sampling of what Ireland has to offer.
Karin, Toronto ON


Greece – May 2022

My sister and I have not travelled together for a long time and we wanted this trip to recapture our friendship. The itinerary certainly allowed us to spend lots of time together, both alone and with the group. The day at the olive farm was most enjoyable for everyone. The trip was excellent and everything went according to plan which is very encouraging for someone who hopes to do a lot of travelling in the next couple of years. I love not having to do a darn thing except show one time and enjoy!
Penny, Ottawa ON

Marie Chantal, who travelled with the group for our entire tour, was excellent and I could tell she loved her job. She handled the group like a pro. She was informative, had great listening skills, problem solved and made herself available to the group at all times. She was worth every penny to have her on our tour. Our local guides were all very good and I loved all the sites they lead us through.
Rhodes was my favourite place to visit. The sites and the local guide were fantastic, plus our hotel was right o the beach. I found it very relaxing. Overall, the trip was wonderful. I have so many great memories and I look forward to travelling with your company again.
Terrie, Ottawa ON

I felt it was a value-added trip. Besides all the details being taken care of, the quality of people we interacted with, whether drivers, guides, in-country host, and other activities (like cooking and learning about olive oil)- was exceptional. Several times I felt inspired by the genuine enthusiasm and authenticity of the people. We weren’t just tourists, but people interested in their (beloved) country Samantha, Toronto ON


Ecuador and Galapagos Island Cruise – February 2020

There are so many memories that I can’t filter out one. This was an amazing adventure with the scenery, theBlue Footed Boobies and babies, The seals, Iguanas, Penguins and so many other birds and animals. The fact that they weren’t afraid of us and we were so close was just amazing. One of the things I like most about WTN trips is the people that you travel with and since is a smaller group we seem to become friends and this trip didn’t disappoint. I will never forget passing over the Equator at sunset and how the ships crew went out of their way to make it so special for us and so many other memories have tucked away to savour in my future.
Barb, Petrolia  ON

I can only say it was one of the very best travel experiences of my life along with Kenya.
Linda, Oakville ON

Every day was a new, exciting adventure that filled us with awe and wonder! Loved the biodiversity, the great tour leaders, and fellow travellers! This definitely was a trip of a life-time!
Jayne, Toronto ON

This has been one of the best active trips I’ve done and I’d go again if offered!
Janet, London ON

This was my first tour with WTN and it was a positive experience. I enjoyed all the women and it was well organized.. Debbie was on top of her game making sure everything went
smoothly. Always pleasant and enthusiastic. Very professional. I would travel with her again!
Joanne, Toronto ON

What a special opportunity it was to experience the Galapagos Islands! Our expert guide, Juan, with passion and humour informed us about the unique topography, creatures and plants of each island. How amazing to photograph sea lions, blue-footed boobies, Christmas iguanas and tortoises within arm’s reach! It was exhilarating to snorkel with colourful fish, hammerhead sharks and little penguins. The wonderful crew of the Beluga took great care of us every day. My new friends and I have unforgettable memories to share when we get home. I enjoyed everything on the tour!
Phyllis, Mississauga ON


Kenya – October 2019

I will treasure our trip for all time…and have been changed, in some inexplicable way, by it all.  You lead by example…and it brought out the very best in all of us.
I am looking forward to seeing you again in the future.💕
Andrea, Brooklyn NY

Amazing experience overall. Our tent was over looking a lake, at night the animals would come by to sleep or drink, I will never forget the beauty opening the tent and looking out over the animals. Words cannot describe the beauty of the experience, MAGICAL
This trip will be hard to beat, it had everything, great group of ladies, weather, food, adventure, great leaders and of course the animals.
Angie, Unionville ON


South Africa With Carolyn – October 2019

South Africa was a wonderful trip shared with a great group of ladies. The accommodations, food and wine were all wonderful. The safaris were definitely the highlight for me as well as the stunning scenery throughout our journey. The trip exceeded my expectations and it was so much fun to experience with my new friends making many lasting memories.
Colleen, Collingwood ON

Carolyn is diplomatic, humorous, compassionate, capable tour leader and tuned into to her travelers needs and desires.
My most memorable moment:  On our first Safari ride a female elephant crossed the road, came right up to the jeep, (I could have touched her – it was thrilling, but scary because I thought she was going to push the jeep over) to indicate her indignation that we were blocking her tree for eating. Freedom, our ranger instinctively knew to back the jeep up and allow her access. We then watched in amazement as she pushed the tree down in front of the jeep, so she and her children could eat the top of the tree! It was awesome!
Heather, Thornhill ON


Morocco With Nanette – October 2019

The Morocco trip was fabulous! The perfect itinerary with outstanding accommodation from start to finish.  Each hotel unique and a true reflection of the beauty of Morocco and it’s wonderful people. The experience in the desert camp was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The dromedaries, the tribal people, the entertainment, what fun we had! The food choices were varied and interesting. Our final farewell dinner, both the food and venue were outstanding. The guide and the driver provided us interesting information and safe passage wherever we went. Such kind, efficient and polite service. Each day was truly an adventure, never to be forgotten.  Nanette is a gem, always organized, diplomatic and so much fun to be with.  We laughed throughout all our adventures. Her ability to see the best in everyone was inspiring. She made everything easy, ironed out wrinkles seamlessly, what a leader! I would be delighted to travel with her again.
I have come home with a lifetime of memories to share and to savour.  I look forward to traveling with WTN again.
Annelisa, Ottawa ON

Excellent Excellent. She was thoughtful, organized, generous, kept the group cohesive, was a joy to be around. She kept us informed and relayed our concerns to our
Moroccan host. She’s a star. Lucky to have experienced my first tour with Nanette.
Patricia, Halifax NS

LOVED LOVED THESE wonderful unique properties. And  couldn’t believe we had flush toilets in the rented camp!  Wow. I was in the hotel business so these blew me away.
I could not believe how lucky I was to be on a tour with such a great group of ladies! Nanette and our local tour guide made us feel so special. Loved magical Morocco. I would go back to Marrakech anytime!! Thank you thank you thank you. Great job.
Lynette, Toronto ON


Sicily With Debbie- September 2019

Have to say this was my favourite trip.   It was a great group of travellers, the tour, food, itinerary, everything was perfect.   Not sure if I would change anything.  I fell in love with Sicily….. I didn’t think anything would top the Florence, Rome or the Amalfi, but this did.  I knew nothing of Sicily but WOW! I would like to send a recommendation for  our tour guide Giorgio … he was the icing on the cake for a great vacation. When I got up this morning, I missed the buffet breakfast….. Awwwwe back to Reality.   Thanks again Debbie for an awesome trip.
Elizabeth G, Toronto On

Debbie….hope you are over the jet lag now…and reminiscing about the great time in Sicily.   This is one of my favourite trips….everything about it exceeded my expectations.
Jan M, London ON

One of my favourite memories from the Sicily trip was hiking Mount Etna. The scenery was breathtaking, and it felt like we were in a completely different world. This was followed by the group having an absolutely amazing six-course lunch at a beautiful winery located on the slopes of Mount Etna. Having the opportunity to sample the local food and wine with Mount Etna in the background, where we had just been hiking, was a truly memorable experience and one I won’t soon forget!
Meaghan, Toronto ON


France With Rowena – June 2019

All our guides were excellent. Each was kind and friendly. Their depth of knowledge was impressive. They responded well to the group and made suggestions for us to follow up.
Maureen K, Toronto ON

We saw a lot in 11 days – as I was describing the trip to a friend this morning his comment was Wow you covered a lot!
of ground! Rowena has a wonderful problem solving “lets make it work” attitude – and guess what – it did work! Very calm and very kind to everyone all the time.
Alexis S, Toronto ON

I loved the unique experiences of the small tours, e.g. the amazing markets in St. Remy and Nice, wandering the old narrow streets and seeing such a variety of shops in the old towns and villages, the visits to the lavender museum and an olive mill, the art and architecture, and so on – I loved it all!
Peggy, Bedford N.S.


Israel & Jordan – May 2019

It was an amazing trip and I feel so fortunate to have been able to go. There were many lovely ladies on the trip and usually we have a little more time to socialize and get to know one another. We visited some truly amazing places that will forever be special Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Petra and the Dead Sea. I never dreamt these would be places I would see.
Colleen, Collingwood On

The Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem is one of my most vivid memories. Inspiring to see 3 religious factions praying in the same
Church! Such a contrast when compared to our visit to Temple Mount.
Rookie, Maple ON

Israel is a must see. The sites are unbelievable and life changing. Our tour guide in Israel was excellent! Knowledgeable, fun
and accommodating. She was able to keep objective about
political situations which must have been hard for her
Carolyn , Markham ON

Climbing up to the monastery in Petra and seeing the spectacular view from the lookout was an amazing experience. There were elements of this trip that were outstanding. I
particularly loved Israel (which was my main draw to this tour). However there were some things that I think need to be improved. I would suggest not scheduling the tour during
Ramadan or arriving on a National holiday.
Heather, Markham ON


Greece With Ruthi – May 2019

Ruthi is a very caring and compassionate person. She was always concerned about our comfort. Our tour guide Chantal Harris really was an enormous help, enthusiastic, compassionate and well organized. I believe Chantal walked to the restaurants to make sure there was plenty of room and that the restaurant owners knew what to expect. The meals went very smoothly.
Darlene, Cobourg ON

I am not generally a traveler who seeks out museums and excavation sites etc. But I have come home excited to learn more!! They were all that GOOD!!
Linda, Guelph ON

If I booked another tour I would love to go with tour host Ruthi. She is a real gem. Ruth helped make the trip amazing!!!


Ireland With Lori- May 2019

One of the best things about travelling with WTN is not only the destinations but the ladies and other people I meet. We quickly become good friends and share laughs and so many stories. The memories of the scenery and castles etc are captured on film but the memories of the new people who have impacted my life are captured on my heart.
Barb, Petrolia ON

We had an unbelievably enthusiastic guide who was knowledgeable and clearly proud to show us his home country. He did his job expertly and conscientiously.
Kathy, Ancaster ON

Lori was the best. She made sure we all new what was on the schedule, made sure we had a buddy so no one got lost. Arranged all tours so that we weren’t waiting. Overall Lori
handled everything with a sense of ease, experienced in the travel industry, very organized and very, very personable. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer tour leader.
Visiting Blarney and the Blarney castle also the Cliffs of Moher were maybe the most memorable but having so much fun with the ladies on the tour was priceless.
Linda, Burlington ON


India With Debbie – November 2018

India was beyond words – colorful, ornate, rich in tradition, noisy and absolute bedlam. It’s certainly a land of extremes. This trip will certainly be remembered as one of my best ever! If I were to pick a favourite guide it would certainly be Shiv. He is knowledgeable and was so sweet to bring us home to his family for dinner. Another favourite experience. Anand always got us safely to our destination although I was sometimes scared when the bus got too close to other vehicles! Awesome driver. Eddie was just a sweetheart, always smiling and happy. And Sandy managed the unmanageable – he kept us safe amidst the chaos. I did have some concerns at first about our group getting separated in the crowds but after observing Sandy in action, my concerns soon vanished.
Debbie, thank you for the memories, the pictures you shared and so much more. As always, you do such a wonderful job of leading and organizing our tours and I’m so grateful.
Rookie, Maple ON

I am still smiling inside and out about my dream trip to India.  It was incredible and I’m so happy that I decided to go on such an amazing journey.There were so many highlights …  actually the entire trip was a highlight!  Seeing the Taj Mahal and standing there in the midst of all that history, beauty and  romance was definitely an emotional and breath-taking moment.  Delivering the school supplies and seeing the look of joy and enthusiasm in the faces of the students as they practiced their English with us was another awesome event that I will always cherish.  The family dinner was heart-warming and we were made to feel so special.
The accommodations, food, travel guides, sightseeing tours were spectacular all the way.  As our host, you made us feel very cared for and safe; you kept us abreast of all necessary information; your positive attitude, pleasant disposition and effective handling of any issues all contributed to a very successful experience for everyone.  I felt that the group got along very well and I’m sure that you, as a tour leader, had an impact on that as well.  I would definitely recommend Women’s Travel Network and a trip such as this to all my friends and relatives.Debbie, thank you again for making this trip so special for me.  I look forward to the next one!
Susan, Whitby ON

The India Tour was better than exceptions thanks to our guides Sandeep, from Worldwide Adventure and Debbie, of Womens Travel
Network, who chose wonderful cities to explore in Northern India. We were treated to both an elephant and a camel ride! My fellow
travelers were curious, courteous and fun which made the tour enjoyable for all.
Mary Ellen, Akron Ohio


Kenya With Sandy – November 2018

On of my favourite memories is when I first saw the baby elephants and it was only my first day. I kept thinking it can’t get much better
than this and it only got better and better each day. On the Friday before we left, we got to do a hot air balloon ride and I was scared
because I am afraid of heights. Nanette was a wonderful leader and talked me into do this once in a lifetime experience. I will forever
talk about seeing all the sights and this great organization. You feel so secure and cared for with this group. Nanette is a wonderful person, leader and great mentor.
Shelley, Brantford ON


Morocco – October 2018

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my 1st WTN trip and what a joy it is to travel with a group of women!  I didn’t know what to expect, and was so happy to be find out how much fun it is to meet new women who I know some will become life-long friends.  As a single woman who was only travelling with a few women and wanted to venture out but didn’t know how, this group has surpassed all my expectations and has opened me up to venturing out again and meeting new women on future trips!  So again, thank you.
Maureen, Queensville ON

This trip exceeded my expectations.  The itinerary was full and some were extra surprises.  The national guide was excellent and it was definitely a trip I would have regretted not going on.  Sandy was a fantastic group leader…frustrated at times I’m sure, by the changes, but always professional and wonderful to travel with.   She is great company.  This trip, with 16 women getting along so well, reminds me why I love travelling with your groups.
Jan, London ON

The trip was an adventure for me and lived up to my expectations for sure. I realize there is flux when it comes to travel at the best of times but I felt that the tour went wonderfully and that we travellers were well taken care of by Rachid, Sandy, and Mohammed, our driver. The ladies really did come together as a group with camaraderie and thoughtfulness, and that was another wonderful aspect of the whole tour. Everyone’s positiveness and humour made our travels throughout Morocco a truly fantastic experience!
Melinda, Abbottsford BC

Morocco was a wonderful trip. It exceeded my expectations. The hotels were quirky and great….each one a different delight. Jan and I got along like butter on bread….what a great match. Thank you for another fine trip.
Anne, Guelph ON

This was the trip of a lifetime! Saw so much, learned so much, experienced so much, about a culture I really knew nothing about. Still
can’t believe I actually slept overnight in the Sahara and rode a camel!
Melody, Omemee ON

How fortunate were my daughter & I, to travel with a group of such diverse and wonderful ladies, to an outstanding destination like
Morocco. They were the hidden gems that made this wonderful trip just that much better!
Heather, Toronto ON


Scotland – September 2018

The places we visited in Scotland were absolutely gorgeous, I would visit Scotland again. Having had the tour organized for us we went
to places I would never have thought of, in particular all the small towns, we had a lot of fun and I’m glad to say I have two new friends
that I will keep in touch with.
Rita, Stouffville ON 

Scotland is such a beautiful country. Visiting Blackness Castle and the village of Falkland was amazing. Such a tiny, quiet village. So
much history.  The pubs around our hotel in Edinburgh were amazing. Such charm and character. It was an amazing adventure. With this small group we got to know each lady a little bit. Our guide and host were amazing. I would definitely recommend WTN.
Diane, Brooks AB


Scotland With Debbie – June 2018

Thanks Debbie for taking us to Scotland. The tour was indeed fantastic and one doesn’t have to be an Outlander fan to enjoy Scotland, its history and beautiful sights. Such a beautiful place and most of all the Scottish take on the English language. I learned a great deal and enjoyed the many places we visited. If only the accommodations  were better, then the trip would have been perfect.
Thank you for being a great host as always.
Rookie, Toronto ON

WTN never fails to amaze me in the care and thought put into their tours. This trip to Scotland was no different and I saw so much. The
scenic countryside from the amazing Highlands to the peaceful Lowland pastures, quaint villages and one lane roads. Its really hard to
pick out one or two things but I really like Doune and Blackness Castles not only for their connection to Outlander filming but also their history.
Barbara, Petrolia ON

There were so many great times, but I might say all the fun we had on the bus, it would be hard to duplicate all the laughs we shared,
singing our hearts out. Both Debbie & Kerry were fantastic in every possible way.
Arleen, Stouffville ON

Tours with WTN are always packed with as much activity and sightseeing as possible to ensure we see and experience the country, it’s history, it’s culture, and of course it’s food & fun. This was my absolute favourite tour so far – possibly due to the group dynamics, the fact it
was an English speaking country, safe to drink water, etc.
So many memories – exploring Scotland and it’s history, the castles, beautiful scenery, getting to know new WTN travellers, as well as
the singing and dancing in pubs, singing ‘new’ songs on the coach, running into the Atlantic Ocean on our way to the Isle of Skye, much
to the chagrin of our driver Davey , ‘playing’ in a Celtic band, trying and liking Haggis (honest!), bagpipes, etc etc. Oh – and can’t forget
to mention, the weather was ‘perfect’ for touring, very little rain, lots of sunshine, awesome shopping.  Thanks Debbie & WTN! Where to
Catherine, London ON

I had a great time and will certainly look back at our two weeks as being a positive experience. Actually,  I try to write my own blog type thing to my family at home on my trips.  I mentioned to them that Scotland was one of those places I felt “at home” and that maybe it is some kind of genetic thing traced back to my Scottish grandparents who came from Edinburgh.  A place I hope to have an opportunity to return to one day.
Anne-Marie, Toronto ON


Portugal With Lori- May 2018

Portugal is a beautiful country with a lot of history and it was great to be introduced to it by our guide, Alex who was outstanding and so
funny— she kept us in stitches.  It was great to share with the wonderful women on the tour and our terrific host, Lori Dalton.
Amy, Lexington MA

I enjoyed the tour to Portugal very much. It was packed with activities and information. I feel like I got my money’s
Judy, Edmonton AB

I had my birthday during this trip and our host and guide arranged for a surprise for me at a wine tasting with a big beautiful cake. I was
moved to tears. It was the best birthday I’ve had in many years. They made my day so special, I will never forget it.
Donna, Calgary AB


Amalfi Coast – April 2018

The trip, was so much fun, saw so much and we’ll have wonderful memories with time spent with a great group of ladies.
Trudy, Toronto

This was my first time travelling with a group when I didn’t know anyone. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Keeping an eye on each
other as we travelled around. Our guide and our tour representative juggled our pace and move events around to allow for weather, we
didn’t miss a single event. Italy is just lovely and I enjoyed the sites, sounds and the food. This style of travel is for anybody with an open
Pat, Toronto

I enjoyed the Amalfi tour very much- the accommodation was very good and Rowena looked after us all very well. The day trips were also excellent, as well as the delicious food we had throughout.
Lyn, Toronto


Australia & New Zealand – February 2017

Wow, we covered a lot of ground, so many experiences, memories, sites, sounds,  scenery , sharing – laughter, thoughts bottles of wine etc. and meeting new people. So many memories, but in particular the amazing & beautiful scenery each country & region has to offer. Ayers Rock, Milford Sound, Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef!  Also, the laughter and fun we all shared. It was a fantastic group to spend and entire month with. I look forward to travelling with you again.
Cathy, London ON

This was a trip of a liftetime and exceeded all of my expectations. I will never forget snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef or the Sounds of Silence dinner at the Outback in the dark with the full view of the Milky Way overhead. SPECTACULAR! Oh, holding a Koala, so many memories, this was a photographers dream. Loved this trip!
Laureen, Toronto ON

The sightseeing was excellent, I saw everything on my bucket list. The tours were excellent, classy  and well organized. Milford Sound in New Zealand was a highlight. nDinner under the stars at Ayers Rock was one of the highlights of my life. A wonderful, elegant meal, champagne and a completely clear night sky so full of stars that I was totally in awe of the beauty.  This tour was a class act and fulfilled all of Womens Travel Network and Worldwide Quests promises.
Carolyn, Markham ON


South India – February 2017

India was incredible yet again.  So far, it has been my favourite country ever to travel to, and Mollie loved it as well. It was great to see the differences from the South to the North, but all wonderful. To pick a highlight of the trip is almost impossible. India hits all of your senses…the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes….oh the best food ever! I love travelling with the Women’s Travel Network and hope to be able to plan another trip again soon!
Leslie, Aurora ON

This tour was very well planned, from my first phone call to my flight home to Canada.  My first highlight would have to be realizing that I had landed in very safe hands with Nanette, Sandeep and our driver Bala.  Travelling with Nanette was like travelling with a good friend who was always inclusive and caring and you knew she was ready to go to bat if there were any issues along the way.  Other highlights for me were an impromptu visit inside a family’s roadside dwelling, the whole Chettinad experience (they really did treat us like family), a visit to a spice farm (I felt like a city kid visiting a farm to see where my food comes from – very informative).
Norma, Ottawa ON

I enjoyed the trip to south India very much. Thanks to our local guide and tour leader we saw and did more than was planned. The group size was perfect and very well matched. My surprise birthday celebration from Nanette’s and the ladies and Sandeep was terrific and very appreciated. Thanks Debbie I would not hesitate to travel with you again.
Shahira, Toronto ON


England’s Great Houses – May 2017

Every day held new sites and adventures. Sue was an excellent guide, she gave us great information about the Great Houses and palaces and the history of England which enhanced our excursions. The blooms in England during our trip were incredibly beautiful and the Cotswolds were an amazing sight. It was a wonderful trip!
Marilyn,  Camduff SK

Debbie is an absoulte delight. She was competent, good natured  and very open. I enjoyed her company very much and can’t say enough good things about her.
It is very hard to pick one single “best” moment on the tour, simply because there were so many wonderful times. How do you pick between Blenheim Palace, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, Klemscott Manor, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Wilton House and Highclere (Downton Abbey). Oh yeah, and Stonehenge!
Colleen, Nanaimo BC


French Riviera – June 2017

Patricia is FANTASTIC!!!! Her passion for Cote D’Azur and Provence is demonstrated in everything we did on the
tour. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the area. She is welcoming, charming and extremely flexible. As a tour
leader, she worked closely with our local guides (Stephanie & Valerie) to create adventurous days for us. She also
altered some activities and responded to the effects on some of the excessive heat. Patricia is A1 !!!!
Overall, I was very happy with the adventure and tour. Great job!!!!
Crystal, Toronto ON


Tuscany, Italy – September 2017

“Just arrived back from my Tuscany tour and have so many wonderful memories of the sights, sounds, the people, the food and the wine. Everything was amazing and I can’t wait to plan my next trip with WTN!”
Debra, Toronto ON

The trip was amazing! Primarily for the history and art. I used to live in London, UK, and so miss being surrounded by history! Lori was warm and very accessible. The tours were great too, on the whole. Demetra was a favorite with all! Thanks for all the arranging and organizing!
Samia, Oakville ON

Had an amazing time. Lori is a beautiful person and did an amazing job as a tour leader. Accommodation were amazing offering a different prospective of Europe.  Radda was quaint and adequate. Florence was a step up and definitely more luxurious. Rome was all about location.  It couldn’t have been better.  Enjoyed locations of all hotels for the closeness and made walking  around much easier.  Demetri was superior. I would recommend her again for your next tour. Enjoyed the cooking class but felt the wine tour and food after way too much. Still full from the wonderful food.
I would definitely recommend women’s travel network and I would travel with you again.
Diane, Toronto ON


Amalfi Coast, Italy – October 2017

A great trip to the Amalfi coast.
Ruthi wrote the best blog of any trips I have been on (Tuscany, Iceland) and she took great pictures too. I hope you can request guide Pasquale for the spring group. He was amazing and said he learned a lot from us (he is only 21) We also learned a lot from him.
The rooms in the hotel were “tight” space wise but the overall hotel experience was great … beautiful view of the Mediterranean, great hot tub (the pool was too cold), wonderful balcony on which to have breakfast, very friendly hotel staff, free shuttle to “downtown” Sorrento.
The cooking class was better than the one in Tuscany (we got to do more) and the family history backstory made it even more meaningful. “Grampa’s wine cellar” was good too. The gelato making class was well worth it. The owner was soooo enthusiastic and humorous. And she has a brother with a restaurant north of Toronto (called Sorrento). Naples was a disappointment. I never really felt oriented to it. We had two great boat tours (around Capri and along the Amalfi coast). After Tuscany and Amalfi, I think I would be up for any tour in Italy… so looking forward to what is being planned for Sicily!
Sandy, Toronto ON

The Amalfi coast was even more beautiful than I could have anticipated from photos and others’ descriptions.  One highlight of the trip for me was the variety of vegetation – everywhere – but especially growing out of the rock and seen from our two wonderful boat journeys (the Capri boat tour and the Positano to Amalfi boat journey).  I often gasped for breath.
Our tour guide was perfect and beyond: adorable, knowledgeable, conscientious, enthusiastic – all that one would want.And the specialized guides were excellent as well – for me, especially Arianna in Naples.
I thought the itinerary  was perfectly designed:  another highlight of the trip was the cooking class – less for the cooking that we did (which was great fun) – but more for this beautiful, meaningful opportunity to learn about traditional Italian culture (certainly regional) and the value and focus on the extended family.  For me this was a highlight and I was almost surprised to hear that it was also a highlight for a number of our companion travellers.
Rifky, Toronto ON


Kenya Safari – November 2017

The Kenya safari was a great trip.  I think it will be forever imprinted in my memory.  First of all it was a really good group.  We all got along and respectful of each other by showing up on time and helping each other out which in my past travels hasn’t always been the case.  Corey was the best, very attentive and organized. Truly a mother hen rounding up her chicks.  She was always in good humour and fun to talk to.
Our accommodations from the hotel in Nairobi to all the lodges were all 4 – 5* quality.  Talk about glamping in style.  I loved walking out of our “tents” and seeing wildlife on our way to the main lodge.  The meals were very tasteful  with lots of variety.
Our guides were the best.  I couldn’t get over how they worked so well as a team.  They were very informative. The wildlife surpassed my expectations. These guides seem to know exactly where to find various groups of animals and I couldn’t get over how close they came to the vehicles.  The tours were most interesting.  I especially liked the visit to the Women’s group.
I especially enjoyed  going to the Elephant  followed by the giraffe sanctuary in Nairobi.  I will never forget the baby elephants galloping  at a fast pace  down the path to get their meal.  I also loved feeding the giraffes.  I couldn’t get over how gentle they are.
It was nice spending the last few days at our luxurious resort in Zanzibar.  I especially liked the tour of the spice farm.
This was truly a trip everyone who loves travelling and wildlife should experience.
Denise, Dundas ON

What a fabulous trip,  … long travel days, but SO worth it and Corey was awesome … so focused on making sure we were doing ok and comfortable with our activities at all times, etc., and with a wonderful sense of humour … I still get a giggle when I recall her watching the roads as the drivers (as a backseat drivers…haha) maneuvered their way thru some very interesting road conditions & situations & what an incredible group they were!!   All in All a great trip …
The extension trip to the Blue Bay Resort & Spa on Zanzibar was worth every penny! Wow, from the very posh resort & spa, to learning more about the history of Zanzibar , our tour thru the plantation! and of course the Indian Ocean! Enjoyed it all!!
Cathy, London ON


Vietnam & Cambodia – November 2017

Firstly, if you want a well run tour with no worries, Debbie Ross is in a class of her own. With over 35 years in the travel industry, her expertise and knowledge make travel a pleasurable and worry free experience.
The guides we encountered on this trip were also knowledgeable and passionate about imparting their countries’ history, culture and customs. Each guide was excellent and committed to making sure that we experienced a first rate tour whether it was in Vietnam or in Cambodia.
The hotels we stayed in were in excellent locations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap. Each was a five star hotel offering amenities and services that North Americans have come to expect. Meals also were delicious with concern for dietary needs.
The cruise on the Mekong with AMA Waterways was a highlight; rooms were  well appointed, staff was stellar and the meals were excellent. One could choose to do the sightseeing tours or stay on the ship. The trips were all well run and gave us insight into the people of the Mekong and their simpler way of life.
All in all, this is a trip and a part of the world that should not be missed. My husband I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with our intrepid group of 15 well travelled Canadians and Americans. Certainly, it was a “trip of a lifetime“with so many wonderful memories!
Cathy B, Collingwood ON

The trip was indeed amazing, very full of activity and plenty of opportunity to see sights like no other.  The best part of the trip was the Mekong River cruise for me.  It allowed lots of sight seeing and activity but also time for relaxation. I wish we had more time to explore central and coastal areas of Vietnam.  Cambodia was a wonderful surprise and despite the ridiculous humid weather it was most enjoyable.  Siem Reap was just what everyone who has ever been said it would be. I consider the experience to be a very memorable one and it gets added to my list of successful travels with your group.
Penny, Ottawa ON

I loved the trip. All of our local guides were excellent and very knowledgeable and accommodating when we wanted to change things around a little.  I liked Ha Long Bay but didn’t think it warranted an overnight stay.  Saigon and Hanoi were fascinating but the highlight for me was visiting the local villages to see everyday life along the Mekong River. The river cruise was phenomenal, great service and superb food as always with AMA Waterways. Top everything off with a wonderful visit to Angkor Wat…..what way to end the trip.
Thanks again Debbie for a great trip.
Anne, Guelph ON

Thank you for being our excellent tour leader.  Everyday was so well-organized and full of anticipation.  It was truly an adventure and a journey of discovery.  You provided so many wonderful experiences that will forever be etched in my memory.It was a trip of a lifetime with a wonderful group of friends -both old and new.
It takes a special person to maintain a positive environment for a group of 15 travelers.  You definitely have what it takes to make each and every one of us feel like we have just had a very personalized experience.
Thank you most sincerely.
Marion, Aurora ON


Galapagos & Ecuador – February 2016

Thanks Debbie for arranging such a fascinating tour. I never expected to do all the things that I did in the Galápagos Islands! Glad to had all those memorable experiences, including spending a week on a small yacht.
Re : Quito – I found all the tours outside of Quito, which I found sad and dispiriting, ( and polluted! Cough, cough!) much more interesting. I think that the tour to the Equator Centre was really interesting, and the tour of the Orphanage was really eye-opening. I found that visit a grounding counter-balance to the rest of our trip.
As for the Galápagos Experience, we were SO fortunate to have had Juan as our guide – hard to imagine that tour without him and his knowledge and enthusiasm. And we lucked out with the helpful crew, as well.  I would suggest that you bill your next Galápagos tour as “Physically Active”, outlining some of the activities offered, including the fact that it will be hot, humid, and sunny, BUT, I must admit, if I had realized how physically demanding it was going too been, then I wouldn’t have gone! and would have missed such marvelous experiences.
Barbara, Burlington ON

This was an incredible trip and I can’t say enough about it.  The accommodations were top notch.  The Hilton, the Beluga & of course the Spa! Both our guides Gloria and Juan were wonderful.  Juan is such a fabulous guide.  A perpetual student, terrific teacher and entertainer.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more in a Naturalist Guide. The tours were great and the excursion to the Equator was a lovely surprise. As far as the pace is concerned, I know you want to fit in as much as possible in one day, but I think on the first morning (in Quito) a start of 10 or 11 am would have been welcomed.  Especially with the full day of travel and late arrival of the night prior.
As far as the excursions in the Galapagos, knowing ahead of time the difficulty of the walks was helpful so I could decide if I was up to it considering terrain and the heat and humidity.  I greatly appreciated it when Juan said the trail was “difficult or challenging”.  Being able to stay behind on the beach, with a staff member, was also appreciated.  Noreen and I thoroughly enjoyed our time there, taking photos of the sea lions and birds.  It was a good balance for us that afternoon.
Thank you for all the work you put into our trip to make it as full as possible and run so smoothly.  That’s why I choose WTN and speak so highly of you.
Annie, Pickering ON

The accommodations were very good, better than I expected, even with all the rockin’ and rollin’ of the boat. Juan was fantastic!  He was very knowledgeable and soooo funny and caring. The sightseeing tours in Quito and the Galapagos were perfect.   I have to admit the Galapagos part was exhausting for me (as I’m not in very good shape), but we wouldn’t have seen all the wonderful creatures if it had been less intensive. It was a trip of a lifetime and I miss all you incredible Galapagos Gals.
Eva, Aurora ON 

I am still on a vacation high, even though we have been home a week.  I finally got my full land legs back on Thursday and until then I was still rolling as I walked. The only complaint I have is the loooooooooooooooooooong trip home, and that is beyond anyone’s control. This year was THE BEST birthday I have ever had and I don’t foresee any other birthday beating it. I am so happy to have traveled with the most amazing group of women (and men too!) I have had the privilege to meet.  You are all wonderful people and I am enjoying reliving out time together via the pictures you are sharing. Thank you Debbie for planning the trip, it was fabulous from our time in Quito with Gloria and Victor to our farewell to Juan at the airport.  I loved every hot, humid, energizing day.
Sue, Toronto ON

I had an absolutely wonderful time and enjoyed every minute of it. It was even more than I expected it to be. Thank you Debbie for all your work in planning it.  I must admit that I sure was tired. It would have been nice to have a little down time but it would have been sad to have missed anything. The hot weather had a lot to do with me feeling so tired.  I think the accommodations were good. I liked the tours and I think the tour to “the centre of the earth” was a lot of fun and should be included in any further trips.  Juan and the other crew members certainly made it a lot of fun with their participation. It was great being with all you ladies. It was a terrific group and I am looking forward to seeing you again.  Thanks again Debbie for everything.
Norine, Markham ON


Danube River Cruise, April 2016

Had a fantastic time. Everything truly exceeded my expectations. Laureen was a great tour leader. She was fun, positive, enthusiastic, and easy going. We had a blast as a group. What a fun bunch of women! Also, an interesting, compassionate bunch. I’ve made 10 new friends!The
ship was fantastic. First class all the way. Incredible food, impeccable service, beautiful accommodations. Couldn’t have asked for more. The Prague hotel was also perfect. Breakfast buffet was outstanding. It was well situated in a quieter part of the city, but within easy walking distance from the sights.
Gail, Thunderbay ON


Spain – May 2016

Although the weather didn’t always cooperate, we made the most of our time and captured some great memories. I so enjoyed meeting up with many “old” acquaintances and meeting so many other friendly ladies, always the best part of our adventures. Thank you again for organizing and taking us on such a great trip.  I look forward to many more.
Rebecca, Ottawa ON

Thanks again for a very well organized, safe trip…. Enjoyed the sights, food, and company. Thank you also for the well documented blog… I’m thankful someone was taking notes!! …Till my next trip with WTN… Cheers
Sylvia, Sarnia ON 


Iceland – June 2016

Iceland’s country side was awesome to see and the people were very friendly and hospitable. I went to Iceland without expectations other than a good time and a I got a lot more out of the trip within me. I accomplished a number of challenges and I wasn’t concerned that I couldn’t do more of the hiking.  The countryside of Iceland took my breath away.
Linda, Newmarket ON

Food, people and scenery all great! I would suggest lengthening the trip 2 more days to overnight on the Westerman Islands. It would be fun to have a day to explore the hiking trails and see the puffins.
Sandra, Toronto ON

One of the best days was when we walked the waterfalls, climbed  the glacier then went horseback riding and ended in the hot tub of the hotel.
Cheryl, Toronto ON 


Newfoundland – June 2016

Newfoundland has long been a bucket list item for me and in spite of the cold weather, I really enjoyed the rugged beauty, the interesting geology, the humble people and their  humour.  Andrew of McCarthy’s party was absolutely wonderful – smart, funny and a proud Newfoundlander.  The trip was fun and the scenery beautiful.  Really enjoyed the whales, puffins, icebergs, the geology and the moose burgers. Best fish and chips I’ve ever had at O’Brien’s in Bay Bulls!
Joanne, Edmonton AB

The Newfoundland trip was the first trip I have taken with WorldWide Quest and also Womens Travel Network.  The trip was excellent, the scenery amazing, the Newfoundland people very friendly. Sandy was an amazing tour leader who was very attentive to the needs of all with a great sense of humour and adventure.  It was a wonderful group of ladies.
Carolyn, Toronto ON

The tour was fabulous, Newfoundland surpassed my expectations as a beautiful place to visit, I wished I had went there earlier in life. Sandy was a very nice lady and kept us all on track, I would travel with her again if she is leading the tour as she takes her role very seriously. I have to say the highlight of my trip was seeing the whales and puffins, I also enjoyed the other boat trip in Gros Morne park and the screeching in ceremony.
Wanda, Calgary AB


Tuscany – September 2016

Our trip to Italy was lovely. Mom and I had a wonderful time. Tuscany and Florence were beautiful, and Rome blew my mind. I did not have many preconceived ideas about Rome, so I found it wonderful with all the ruins and old buildings scattered everywhere. Shannon was a wonderful tour leader, she was caring and considerate, always present and taking care of any details. I would not hesitate to tour with Shannon again. One of the highlights was our cooking class with Laura. She was lovely, her home was beautiful and the food amazing. I look forward to preparing her recipes. All in all a successful trip!
Leslie, Aurora ON

What a fabulous trip to Tuscany, Florence and Rome.  I LOVED everything we did and saw.  I liked that we saw so much everyday but still had time to explore on our own some days.  The accommodations were very nice, no complaints there.  All the meals that were included were excellent, along with the wines!! I am very impressed with the quality of tours you offer and the ease of dealing with both yourself and Kerry.
Elaine, Toronto


Morocco – October 2016

Extremely good value for the money. Almost all meals were included so we had very little out of pocket expenses. Some of my favourite memories: Definitely the tented camp, along with the impromptu visit to the Berber nomad camp where we had mint tea with the lady of the house. Food was fabulous too!
Lori, Lethbridge AB

The days were full and exciting.  The tented camp was a highlight for me, it was like glamping. So much fun with every convenience in an unusual setting. One of my most memorable moments was having tea at the Berber tent and the camel ride into the desert. I was in awe of the age of things still standing and the new knowledge of the Muslim people and their customs.
Barb, Sarnia ON

There were many wonderful experiences from this trip. The camel ride was fabulous and staying in the tented camp under the stars was beautiful. I also loved the bus ride through the high Atlas Mountains.  There were many great memories of a fabulous trip, that I enjoyed wiht a fabulous, fun group of women.
Cathy, London ON


Japan – October 2016

The tour of Japan was more than I had expected.   It was when I followed the blog myself, that I realized how much we did.  Our accommodations were absolutely awesome.   Our guide Kim was exceptional.  I’ve never been on a tour where one guide could know so much about their country.  It’s hard to pick a favourite part of the trip….the scenery going through the mountains, visiting some of the shrines, shopping in the market, dressing up as  geisha girls, taking the bullet train to Hiroshima or visiting the museum in Hiroshima.
This was such a worthwhile trip and I’m so glad I chose this one and I look forward to more. Thanks for the memories!
Jan, London ON

Visiting Japan was a great experience! The tour included a variety of activities that were fun and educational – the sushi making class, rice cracker making, and washi paper making. The visits to the Suntory Art Museum,  Hakone Open Air Museum, and Ukiyo-e Art Museum were especially appreciated.
Lynn, Toronto ON 


South Africa & Victoria Falls – October 2015

Thanks for all your hard work to make this trip such a memorable one.  You asked for our comments on specifics of the tour.   John and I found the accommodations well appointed and in good locations – especially Kapama, the Radisson Blu in Port Elizabeth, the Sandton Sun and The Commodore.  Darryl our guide in Joburg was very informative and concise relaying information about their constitution and road to freedom – his political passion was evident.  Also appreciated the experiences he provided in Soweto. While John Mason was kind, thoughtful and good-hearted, we did not find he provided the concise overview of South Africa we were hoping for.  He did look after individuals with special needs during the trip i.e. Tammy’s gluten free meals and Barb’s motion sickness. Enjoyed the many varying facets and experiences of the tour itself and while the itinerary was a busy one, don’t know that there is anything we would exclude  Also, we appreciated the restaurant arrangements that you made for the times we were responsible for our own meals. As for you and Lori, not only did you make sure everything was taken care of and ran smoothly, but you set the tone for what was an extremely enjoyable tour.  We learned; we experienced new things; we had many, many laughs; and we made memories that last!!!
Dorothy and John, Markham ON

What a tremendous trip South Africa.  I truly enjoyed every day and the busy schedule was ideal to keep things interesting and exciting.  I immensely enjoyed befriending you and having you as a roommate.  Everyone on the trip was special for many different reasons and I find myself looking at the pictures every day and smiling as I think of the circumstances around each pic.  I have the pic of the seven of us drinking wine in front of our room in the courtyard at our first BOMA as the wallpaper on my phone so I see a great group of ladies many times every day.
Penny, Ottawa ON 

My responses are from John and I together:
–          loved the hotel accommodations.  Loved the variety from the Knynsa log hotel to the opulent Sandton to the fantastic Kapama Lodge. I would say stick with them all.
–          local tour guides. How can you not love John? He could drive one a bit crazy with his long winded talks but honestly, I think he was the kindest, most caring guide and made everyone feels so comfortable coming to a new (and for some) possibly intimidating country. I thought John was the best until we met Darrell. Darrell is probably one of the best guides I’ve EVER HAD. And he’s only been doing it 2 years. Just the knowledge and emotion he brought to the whole Apartheid museum was phenomenal. Memories that will stay with me forever because of Darrell.
Overall,  the pace of the tour was great. If we are going all that way, we want to see as much as possible without being too exhausted to enjoy it and I thought a nice balance was kept. And of course you are a terrific tour leader!
For John and I, it was the trip of a lifetime and everything we hoped it would be (and definitely more).
Susan and John , Mississauga ON


Tuscany, Italy – September 2015

That certainly was a wonderful trip to Italy!   We were able to visit many different towns, historical places, beautiful artwork.   The food was excellent and the hospitality of the Italian people was very generous.    Last but not least, it was the group of ladies that I travelled with that made the trip so special.
Trudy, Toronto ON

Yes a great trip with a wonderful group of women. I enjoyed meeting you all and sharing our experiences and many laughs not to mention the wonderful food and wine and marvellous scenery. Too little time to see it all.
Dianne, Vancouver BC

Thank you Debbie for the  opportunity to join in a wonderful trip to Tuscany . To all the ladies in the group, it was a pleasure to meet you and enjoy the camaraderie we developed. I will treasure all the memories of our time together in Tuscany, Florence, and Rome. You were terrific travel mates.
Charlene, Edmonton AB

What a fabulous first-time European trip … I now have the bug – the travel bug that is! (Sue – hope you feel better soon!).
What an experience … would definitely return to Tuscany – maybe someday when the sunflowers are in bloom.  I’d heard so much about this region, and now I understand the attraction.
Enjoyed everything … especially the fun & laughter we all shared! And of course the food!! & wine!!, the scenery, history, art, the antiquities, our local tour guides & drivers … I could go on, but won’t .
How fortunate to have found WTN at this point in my life!
Catherine, Sarnia ON 


Ireland – June 2015

Best trip ever! You could tell from the beginning that this group was going to bond and sure enough we did. I loved the group of ladies who were all fantastic and I especially loved Dennis our local guide. Dennis is a loving, kind and generous man and should get a huge raise from his boss. The grounds at Blarney Castle were breathtaking and the old homes and ruins were very interesting. The trip was well organized throughout, the food excellent and the accommodations great. We had lots of safe opportunities to explore Ireland and learn about this fascinating and at times tragic country.  Haven’t laughed this much in years. Great trip.
Heather, Toronto ON

I enjoyed my trip to Ireland and here’s some feeedback. Our trip guide Dennis O’Connor was outstanding.  He was fun, extremely patient and kind as well as being very knowledgeable about the country.  He went above and beyond his role and I wish I could take him home. Our tour bus driver Frank was also very good. I would suggest that travelers could spend more time in Dublin – 4-5 days to see the City and perhaps a play at the famous Abbey Theatre.All the hotel accommodations were great especially Randles.
Carolyn, Toronto ON

Denis was an exceptional local tour-guide, with a wonderful sense of humour.  Denis added much local flavour, took great care of us and he added a ton of fun to the trip.   My perspective is that the trip would not have been the same without him. I particularly liked the Irish music events  – especially the Merry Ploughboys (outside of Dublin). Personally, I liked visiting the Irish pubs (with entertainment) the best.  Also, of course, Blarney Castle is a MUST experience.
It was also very interesting exploring different parts of Ireland, with the different landscapes/scenery. The hotel accommodations and food were all very good.  Randles Hotel was my favourite. And, of course, Lori was a super tour leader.
Thanks again Debbie for the wonderful trip.
Karen, Toronto ON 


Greece – May 2015

The trip was fantastic I enjoyed every minute of it.  It was very well planned And our trip guide Cory  was amazing.  The Hotel and accommodation were good.  On the whole it was a trip well worth taking.  One point not really a criticism, but the Greek feast, one was leftwondering their interpretation of a feast. Thanking you for the experience.
Collette, Newmarket ON

The trip was marvelous.  I really enjoyed myself and the other ladies.  Greece is a beautiful country. I enjoyed the other ladies and their camaraderie.  Frankly, I believe  a beautiful view is not as wondrous unless it is shared with another.  The other ladies made it a marvelous trip.The hotel accommodation were great. The choice of sightseeing tours were good and educational.  Corey was a terrific tour leader.  I believe she met everyone expectations and looked after things well. I look forward to travelling again with Women’s Travel Network and some of the other ladies from this trip.
Karen, Toronto ON

It was great meeting all of you.  I loved our trip and all we saw and experienced.  I enjoyed all the time together and the many laughs and glasses of wine!  Also the Greek men!!  I hope we will be able to get together in the future.
Collette, Toronto ON 

Argentina & Patagonia, April 2015

The trip to Argentina was wonderful. I learned a lot about the country from the wonderful guides. We were very lucky with our guides. They spoke English very well, were funny and compassionate and knew their country. They are all keepers. The accommodations were fine and comfortable. The people made sure we were comfortable.  The food was excellent in most places. I would recommend never to have more than one night’s meal in the same place. The idea of being on vacation is to savour different experiences and foods and locales. The absolute best food I had was at the winery. It was sublime. I had the steak of course. The sights we saw covered a lot of what is interesting in Argentina. The big city of Buenos Aires, the sub tropical Iguazu and the desert of Mendoza. I had chosen not to go to Patagonia and now regret that decision. Oh well. We did however, crisscross the country several times by air. Possibly another routing could be arranged to save time in the air. I would like to add that a trip through the mountains from Mendoza to Santiago Chile by bus seems like it would be an added pleasure.
Finally, our tour leader, Nanette, was amazing. It was really helpful that she spoke Spanish as most of Argentina doesn’t have menus and speakers of English. Nanette was always upbeat and cheerful. She was a pleasure to travel with.
Anne-Mari, Toronto ON

Argentina was wonderful and fun.  I certainly enjoyed the small number of women (9).  Having known a few women (from Italy 3 years ago) helped.  I certainly didn’t consider myself the “newbie” although there’s always stuff to learn.
My favorite memories are: 1)  Tango evening at the dinner theatre (as they say leave the best for the last).  It was fantastic and none of us knew to what the extent the evening held.  The meal was fantastic, very tasty and worth a picture or two.  I was the only one who bought a DVD after and the next day a few of the ladies wished they had.
The BBQ day at the ranch just put a smile on my face all day.  The food was very good, way too much for us women, but I’m sure the men in the room enjoyed it all.  The 2 hour entertainment was a delight and once outside the horsemanship skills from the Gauchos was fantastic (as were the entertainment from them twirling the wooden balls – amazing).  A wonderful fun sunny day.  BTW, whether young or older those Gauchos were pure “eye candy”.
Iquazu Falls – Lorna and I did the walk with Veronica (tour guide) while the others did the boat ride.  Veronica was very patient with us needing to stop and rest at times (humid as all heck it’s a rain forest;   Every twist and turn created more scenery and once upon the Falls absolutely stunning, breathtaking and so glad I took over 350 pictures.
To sum it up this was a fantastic fun trip.  The scenery and history of everything was so interesting.
Shelley, Manitoba 


Rhine River Cruise – April 2015

We had a marvelous time despite the weather. It was cold and rainy a lot of the time but it didn’t stop us from having a great time.  The ship, food, staff and excursions were fabulous and our cruise manager did a great job of making sure everything ran smoothly. I can’t think of anything I’d change. My’favorite tour was of the Keukenhof Gardens which were spectacular.
Anne, Guelph ON

For the cruise itself I would highly recommend AMA Waterways as everyone was very friendly, the ship was clean and tidy and they made every effort to ensure that we enjoyed our time with them.  They were very organized and kept us informed all along the way.  There are not as many amenities on these boats but it was all I needed.  I liked the quieter, more relaxing atmosphere compared to the large ocean liners.  The places we saw were fantastic and gave me a good sample of some European cities and towns.  It was a good mix of cities, villages and countryside.  One of the things I did like was that a map was provided for every stop which was very helpful in getting around and finding the ship again after our free time. The food was fantastic and there were several options for each meal and you could pick exactly what and how much you wanted.  Overall I would highly recommend this type of vacation especially for those who want to see several places in a small amount of time. Now that I’ve been on one of these tours I will be able to allot my time better and will feel comfortable exploring more extensively on my own.  It might be a terrible thing to say but I loved travelling by myself and will certainly do more of it in the future. Thank you for all your help in making this trip possible.  I know that without you this trip would not have happened for me and I really appreciate your efforts.  I now have the travel bug and am looking forward to picking out my next trip…one problem though…too much to choose from.
Joanne, Oshawa ON


India for International Women’s Day – March 2015

I think you and WWQ are to be commended for putting together a compelling travel itinerary and pulling it off without a hitch. These things don’t not happen by chance. I know it takes a great deal of hard work, planning and thought. Kudos Debbie to you and World Wide Quest for offering an outstanding travel experience.
Dale, Toronto ON

Thank you for planning such an amazing trip. Every day was an exciting adventure. I actually can’t believe that I am now among the priviledged few to have seen the Taj.
Darlene, Toronto ON

Debbie, thank you for being our excellent Tour Leader through this journey! The trip certainly exceeded my expectations. To all my wonderful Travel Companions: Thank you for the journey, I certainly enjoyed getting to meet and know you all. Your participation helped this to be the great experience that it was for me.
Rowena, Toronto ON

I was impressed with every hotel that we stayed in, they were way above any expectations that I had. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised each time I opened my hotel room door. I found the staff everywhere we stayed courteous and helpful. I am sure that everyone will be in agreement that we were very spoiled by our local tour guides, their knowledge of their own cites and towns was impressive. The tours were exquisite…..so many things to see, experience and absorb.
Debbie all in all I would recommend your travel network to anyone who is looking for an adventure in life, a chance to meet new friends and explore this huge world of ours.
Tish, Ajax ON


Kenya Wildlife Safari – November 2014

Everything was perfect. The accommodations were great and the food and wine were always good. The guides were so knowledgeable and answered all of our questions and I think they enjoyed having a group of women. It was a very busy trip but all went well and the weather and animals co-operated. Well except for the leopard who didn’t care to be seen. Carolyn was very organized, caring, fun, and very helpful with all aspects of our trip. I have many special memories but spending time with the other 9 women is at the top of the list. We were all so fortunate to share this amazing experience together.
Colleen, Hanover ON

It was all so fantastic, it is hard to pick a favourite.  Certainly the people made the trip – those in our group and those at the hotels and Twiga.
I think the experience that will stand out in my mind was the only time I felt afraid.  For me it was when we were parked in a river and a hippo was approaching us.  He/she was about 30 ft. away and then went underwater towards us.  I know they are very territorial and had already warned us by flicking his excrement with his tail – a warning.  Once he disappeared under water our driver started the truck and got out of there.  I had seen them open their mouths but not been able to take a photo of it.  I certainly didn’t want it to happen up close and personal.  I am sure he could have taken the truck and it’s occupants.  This is in no way a complaint – it was just a little more exciting.  LOL
The drives and guides were excellent.  Always something new and exciting, even if not what was initially expected.  The guides were very knowledgeable and accommodating.  I would recommend Twiga Tours to everyone interested in this type of vacation.
Caroline was a fabulous tour leader and den mother.  She kept us all in line and well informed of what was happening next and at what time.  At times I am sure she felt she was trying to herd cats but she always did it with grace, diplomacy and a smile.  Loved her as our leader!
All in all this experience was much more that I expected in every way.  Thank you for all you hard work in putting together such a wonderful program and finding the best people possible to enhance our experience, from Caroline to Twiga and the hotels and their staff.  All were most helpful and gracious.
Annie, Pickering ON


Russian River Cruise – September 2014

Local tour guide, Dasha was young, enthusiastic and flexible. Thank goodness, as Nanette, in her gentle but persistent way was able to carve out a more personalized itinerary for her group. That is, more exposure to local flavour, metro to downtown moscow and st Petersburg, cafés, street scapes, lunch in local restaurants. So much more interesting than lunch on the ship and a deck stroll for hours. Speaking of the ship experience, food was fine, accomodations were fine…better than expected. I was prepared for a three star experience…that was good, as services exceeded that level. I have no complaints. It was great to have a Russian crew. Although not “happy go lucky”, they were professional and provided a glimpse into the reality of modern Russian life, talented young people with unlimited potential that will be hard to realize in the current environment….but I appreciated this so much more than having a Viking cruise experience with foreign crew.  Entertainment on the ship was lacklustre. Events such as vodka tasting were cancelled despite a high level of interest. We had to stage our own, to the envy of other ship patrons.
Russian language lessons, maruska doll painting, tea ceremony, pirate night…all good Evening entertainment, music and dancing on the upper deck, were poorly executed and thus, poorly attended. We girls just wanted to dance…but dj’s seemed to want to close things down and clear the floor.
Pat, Sault Ste Marie

The Russian Waterways trip was wonderful. It was very exciting to visit Russia and see the amazing sites and be reminded of their colourful and eventful history.  The local guides were very knowledgeable. Dasha who accompanied us throughout our journey was delightful and so accommodating. It was great to have the ship as our homebase. Although the cabins were small we managed as Leslie was a most thoughtful and considerate roomie. Nanette was so helpful,caring and fun loving.  I would definitely like to travel with her again.  The whole group of ladies was very cohesive and welcoming to a newcomer. The only frustrating part was the intermittent wi fi connection on the boat. All in all it was a most positive experience and introduction to touring with The Women’s Travel Network.
Cathy, Toronto ON

I cannot think of one favourite memory as there are just too many.  Nanette did a great job – dealing well with the situation during a few tense moments. Accommodation was fine – a bit small but very compact (the ship is 3 1/2 stars so what else can one expect) and well thought through.  Rooms were kept very clean, no complaints there. Dining was excellent and not bland or uninteresting as we had heard from previous passengers’ reports. The breakfast was probably the best as it was a buffet and everyone could have what they liked. The other meals were also good and generally very tasty. I was impressed with the fact that every meal had a salad served up as a first course, no matter what the rest of the choices were.
The local tour guides were generally fine and on the very odd occasion spoke very slowly and softly and did not seem to get the group as enthused as other guides.  But …. nothing can be done about that as it is outside everyone’s control.  Had some excellent guides! Our own tour guide (Dasha) on and off the ship was absolutely fantastic.  I think we were the luckiest group on the ship in that regard. She was young, very flexible and accommodating, eager to learn, very respectful and just great value.  We were really lucky to have our own mini van for certain sight seeing tours – that was absolutely wonderful.  Much better than a 55 seater bus with lots of people, which happened sometimes too but that’s okay.   I will treasure the wonderful memories.
Ali, Tasmania Australia

I just wanted to let you know that I thought the Russia trip was tremendous….interesting and beautiful.  I don’t have much in the way of criticism as usual.  The accommodations were small but adequate, much what I expected.  While we were sailing the meals were quite good, but when we were docked in Moscow and Saint Petersburg they were fairly bland with no choice in meals. I felt we should have been given two or three choices for entrees, as the main entree did not always appeal to my appetite.  Also, the fitness centre was quite uninspiring…not much in the way of matts or weights.
The staff and tour guides (especially Dasha) were all excellent, with the exception of the the Entertainment Director who did not even bother to come around to introduce himself. I am sure that he did a lot of behind the scenes work but we rarely felt his presence.   Some days there were only optional tours available, which I know upset some of the girls and I found a little odd.  But you know us crazy women, we always made our own fun. Cathy was a great roommate. She has a good sense of humour and was always up for anything.  And as usual, Nanette was terrific.
Looking forward to another trip with the girls in the future.  Thanks for everything Debbie.
Leslie, Aurora ON

As you know this was my first River Cruise and I have to tell you, I hope it will not be my last. I had a ball!!
The accommodations were small, spotless and had everything you needed.  There even was a hairdryer, which was a surprise, as we were told there would not be any.  I really liked the breakfast buffet.  It had lots of fruit, meat, cheese, yogurt, cereals, eggs in 3 different ways, other warm items and VERY important (to me) the coffee was delicious!!!  Great start of the day!! The local guides were great, some a bit better then others, but they all did a great job, no complaints.  The tours were wonderful and VERY interesting.  Our BEST guide was our “Dasha” ! She was with us from the beginning till the end of our tour and it was hard to say good-bye . She is a treasure in it self.  She went the extra mile for us, changing the itinerary over and over again till we were happy and satisfied.  She is a natural and very sweet and bright. We all loved her!
Nanette did a great job, sorting things out for us, like the itinerary with Dasha, and many other things to keep everyone happy. You can see quite clearly she enjoys what she is doing. Well Done!!
I had a great time interacting with all the ladies.  They were all VERY interesting and everyone had their own story to tell. I would travel with them again in a heart beat!
Tonny, Toronto ON

My best memory is of Peterhof especially sitting in the warm sun with hot chocolate and a luscious dessert.  It was spectacular and the guide was the best we had throughout the entire trip. Least favourite would be the days they served mixed vegetables first as a salad and then as a substitute for a starch.  I didn’t mind the food overall.
Accommodation was adequate.  I actually grew to like the combination shower/bathroom.  Lots of storage as far as I was concerned.  Well planned for sure.
Dining was good.  It is Russia and my expectations were not based on some high end Viking type tour.  The food was enough and the salads and soups at noon were also good.
I am so glad we opted to go to the museum and not continue the bus tour.  We got to walk and experience the City. Not all of the tour guides spoke as good English but Tatiana at the end was terrific.  Our local guide was Dasha and everyone loved her.  Tours, buses do not allow you to see both sides of the road and you get stuck a lot of the time in traffic.  In future, we should ask local guides to make more use of public transit.  Both of our forays on the transit system proved how easy and how much faster you can access the city.Tour leader – Nanette was good.  The fact that we ignored the protocol which required people to sit in the same seats at the dining hall worked really well in providing opportunities for people to get to know one another.  That worked out well.
Overall I really enjoyed the trip especially seeing and experiencing old and new Russia in these turbulent times.  You would not believe the number of times I have been asked as to whether I felt safe during my time there.  People who had been there (a couple of my friends) understood what I saw and felt.
Janet, Cambridge ON 


Tuscany, Florence & Rome – September 2014

I thought the trip was amazing, I liked the variety of places we stayed and all the meals being arranged for us, my only complaint as the serving sizes were just too large and it was commented on by the restaurant when we didn’t finish each course, perhaps that could be addressed when the reservations are made.
We couldn’t have been luckier then to have Ruthy as our tour hostess, she was just wonderful, she was patient, friendly, well organized, and really took such good care of us.  Alessandro was an excellent tour guide, he really made the trip special for us in Tuscany.  Our tour guide (Sarah) in Sienna & Florence was okay but she should have had headsets for us as it was loud in places and she was hard to hear which was unfortunate.
The tour guides in Rome were good too, we were part of larger groups, but I did appreciate the headsets and they kept a good watch on us.
The holiday was first class all the way, with the meals, cooking classes, choice of dining places and tours chosen.  I feel I got my monies worth and would definitely recommend the Women’s Travel Network to all my girlfriends.
I enjoyed the Rome Extension and would recommend that if the majority of the group was to travel on that dinner reservations be included as it was a bit of a problem at one meal with the Restaurant owner took advantage of the group by not listening and bringing food we didn’t order and of course the issue of group dinners where people start getting petty over the paying of the bill which I don’t enjoy.
The group size was just right, it was a diverse set of ladies and I enjoyed their company.
Once again, thanks for everything.
Wanda, Calgary AB

I had a great time on the trip.  It was amazing!  Ruthi is such a great tour leader.  She took care of all arrangements, solved any problems, and supported all the women, whatever came up -lost luggage, someone with food poisoning, bus sickness, claustrophobia, etc.  She is a very caring and understanding woman, who went over and above what would be expected.
I knew the trip to Italy would be special, but I have to say it exceeded my expectations.  Thank you Debbie!!!!!
Brigitte, Newmarket ON

I had a great time. All the ladies were easy to talk too. I found Rome a little to busy for me but loved Florence and Tuscany.  I had some good laughs and fun, I would consider doing another trip with Women’s Travel.
Beth Emes, Stouffville ON

I truly enjoyed the trip to Tuscany, Florence & Rome. Tuscany was the highlight for me.  Everywhere you looked was a picture.  And the wine tours were sublime. The accommodations were luxurious.  The dining choices fantastic.  The local tour guide Allesandro was so wonderful.  Loads of fun and kept all of us ladies entertained and put up with our crazy antics. Sarah was wonderful as well.  I would have to say the only tour guide I had difficulty with was the one on our walking tour of Rome (Gartour).  I don’t think she ever told us her name but it was difficult to understand her and she was quite rude to me when I couldn’t hear her.  The other tour guide, Daniella, was phenomenal.  Very patient with us, lots of information (but not too much)
I completely enjoyed all of the sightseeing tours with the wineries & farms my favorites.
Last but most definitely not least – Ruthi.  She handled every difficulty (I think she got it all) that was presented to her with such grace, dignity and humour.  She was unbelievably helpful when we lost our luggage.  She did everything she possibly could for us and even shed a tear with us.  She stayed up late into the wee hours handling all the details and writing in the blog.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  Top Notch!
Veronica, Calgary AB


French Riviera & Provence & Paris Trip #2 – June 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed my very first trip overseas!!!
I felt so well taken care of the whole time and every necessary detail was looked after.  We saw so much yet it left me wanting to go back and explore even more.  You just can’t take it all in, there’s so much to see!
I was impressed by the hotels.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’d heard about the tiny bathrooms and sometimes complicated showers, but I had no issues.    My favourite hotel overall was the Mercure Pont Avignon due to the excellent location – close to shopping, sites and restaurants, and also because it was so nice to  open the windows onto the old streets of Avignon.  The breakfasts at the hotels in Avignon and Paris were very good overall.  The Holiday Inn Nice hotel was fine.  The bed was comfortable that’s for sure.  The breakfast service was not great as we all know and I know you had a conversation with the hotel manager about that.  That still puzzles me that the staff went out of their way to NOT do their jobs!  The other unfortunate thing about the H.I. was proximity to everywhere we needed to be.  And I know that couldn’t be helped as the hotel the 1st group stayed at was unavailable.
Loved all of them!  One of my favourites was the illuminated show in the cave set to music – fantastic.  Also loved the walking tours through the old towns especially Arles.  And the small towns like Rousillon, Antibes, and St Remy.            My least favourite was the cooking class.  I liked the idea of it but it was just too long.
I am so fortunate that Debbie accompanied me on my “virgin European adventure”!  I felt so comfortable and worry free the entire trip, and  I do think it was in large part because she was there.  Both Debbie and Pat had some unprecedented (and I hope never to be repeated) challenges on this trip. They handled a difficult situation so well by managing the issues in such a way that it minimized the impact as much as possible on the rest of us. One day I’d love to do a partial repeat of this tour – Provence in particular – with a side trip to other parts of France.  Or to completely different areas of France!
Lori, Lethbridge AB

Thank you for providing a taste and introduction to the French Riviera and Provence. For me, it was a welcomed stress reliever from the events of my life in the past couple of months. As for the accommodations, I had no complaints, except there were no washcloths… but this is probably a European custom.  All FEMALE tours guides were excellent. Tours were great, except in some areas would have liked more time for shopping… sometimes felt rushed.
Activities to be added…. Yacht day.. in Nice. I know because of unforeseen circumstances… Beach Day… never used my bathing suit. Would have loved to spend Saturday night at the Casino in Monte Carlo…. get dressed up, mingle with “high rollers”.  Thanks to you and Patricia for a wonderful trip.
Sylvia, Amherstburg ON


French Riviera & Provence Trip #1 – June 2014

Thanks Susan and Pat. Once again, you two organized and ran a great trip. Was it only 8 days? It seems longer given all that we did!  I have been talking about it to anyone I have met since home.Life has been very busy as I am sure for everyone else now home. If we get little breaks though we can always reminisce and think about the wonderful experience we had in France!I hope the next travel group enjoys the trip as much as I did!
Yvette, Thornhill ON

Thank you! You two did a wonderful job touring us around such a wonderful part of the world! Thank you so much. I will have fond memories forever of this special trip! Heather, Pickering ON

I wanted to drop you a personal note to say how unbelievable our trip was and that it will always be one of my favourite memories. Pat sure described those beautiful villages to a “T” and her book will certainly allow me to retain all that we saw. What a fun bunch of “gals”, and we sure covered a lot of beautiful territory. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm which spread to us all. You and Pat did an amazing job! Thanks to you both for making Promise of Provence come alive for me.
Carol, Waterloo ON

I enjoyed my time in Provence. It was a great adventure and I was very glad to be a part of it.  Thanks to you and Pat for being our fearless and energetic leaders.
Chris, Markham ON

We had a great time on the trip. Everything was so well-organized, and you and Pat were wonderful leaders.
Mary and Lauren, London ON

Good morning Susan, I just got my wifi up and running. Thank you for helping make our trip to Provence such a positive experience. Sooooo many wonderful memories. I purchased the Carrieres de Lumieres DVD and am enjoying sharing its sights and sounds with friends.
Diane, Mississauga ON

Thank you so much Susan. I have a lot of jealous friends as I have shared our experiences in Provence. Coming home was such a let down at first but you get back in your activities and you have great memories to enjoy. Keep in touch.
Norma, Komoka ON

I do have many fond memories of our trip to Provence. It was such fun.
Ruth, Mississauga ON

What a great trip that was! Wonderful things and places to see and in such good company.
Margaret, Toronto ON

The trip to Provence was amazing, I really loved it and it has been on my bucket list for some time now.
Rosemarie, London ON


Florence & the Amalfi Coast – May 2014

Definitely that song is ingrained in my brain and keeps running on repeat! That one and Quondo, Quondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What can I say about the most amazing women in the world! I love you all and had the best time. Thank you Debbie for once again, looking after us with such love and care! I look forward to our next adventure.
Heather, Thornhill ON

To all the wonderful Babes – thank you for a great trip and for helping to make such fantastic memories!!  I can’t believe how quickly the time flew by, but each day I did my best to absorb the awesome sights and surroundings and, of course, the food.  I think Italy will always be one of my favourite countries.  You are all the greatest of travelling companions – so much fun and friendship.  And Meaghan fit in so comfortably with all the “old” Babes.  Hopefully we can all be together again in a couple of years.
Rebecca, Ottawa ON

Thanks to Debbie and all the ladies for another terrific ‘babies’ trip.  Meaghan and I had a wonderful time in Italy – a dream trip for us both and a place I’m sure we’ll return to again.
Anne Marie, Toronto ON


Danube River Cruise – April 2014

It was an amazing trip and I am so glad that I was able to experience the beautiful cities along the Danube.   I’ve have met such wonderful friends and hope to be able to make a trip with you again.   You did a terrific job as the leader of our group.  It must be difficult to take 16 women and keep them all happy.   Thanks again for a most enjoyable trip.   I certainly would like to get together in the near future.
Barb, Madoc ON

The trip was absolutely wonderful, and Carolyn as our tour leader was terrific!  Professional, organized, friendly, accommodating – I don’t think I can say enough good things about her.   The cruise ship accommodations and crew were fabulous and the hotel in Prague extremely comfortable and gracious.  Our local tour guides were great – I’m so impressed how well everyone speaks English.
Gordie, Newark NJ

This trip was FIRST CLASS I could not have wished for anything better I am telling all my friends how great it was and giving them your address. I so enjoyed.
June, Toronto ON

We had a wonderful trip!  Carolyn was a terrific leader and always kept the group informed and up to date about the tours and what was happening.  It was a fun group too and I made some new friends who I hope to keep in touch with, or even travel with again.  The ship was lovely and really five star.  So was the staff.  My room was in a good location on the ship (centre, middle level) which was fine, and it’s not necessary to pay extra to be on the upper floor.
The hotel in Prague was very good.  It was in a great location and modern and very comfortable.  The buffet breakfast was good also. The local guides were excellent.  I enjoyed the tours very much, and all the sightseeing was wonderful.  I liked the busy itinerary on this cruise.
It really was a great trip that I would highly recommend.  I’m looking forward to travelling again with one of your groups!
Louise, Toronto ON


Sedona Golf & Spa – April 2014

Sedona was my first excursion with Women’s Travel Network and it was a great trip!
Thank you Debbie for all your upfront and behind the scenes organizing, and thank you to everyone for the wonderful women you are and for making our time together comfortable, relaxing, enjoyable, and FUN! I hope we have the opportunity to share some more time golfing, eating, painting, spaing, and/or travelling in the future.
Love & Hugs, Nancy, Stoney Creek ON

Sedona was my first experience with the Women’s Travel Network as well and it was indeed a great trip. Second to meeting all you fantastic women, the highlight of the trip for me was seeing the Grand Canyon. I guess since we saw it in a snow storm we’ll just have to see it from the Vegas North Rim the next time!!
Wishing you all a great year and happy travels wherever you go.  Debbie, thanks for all your work to make this a wonderful adventure.I hope our paths will cross again soon.
Cheers, Kathy  Toronto ON

This was my very first trip with WTN however, I did know quite a few of the travellers from other functions.  I really enjoyed meeting new travellers.  They really made the trip a very enjoyable experience.  I had a great roommate too!!  Thank you Debbie for making all the arrangements.
Cheers, Mig   Ancaster ON

Ladies … let me add my voice to our chorus of praise for the Sedona vacation.   Thanks to each of you for making it (another) fabulous ‘Debbie vacation’.
Let’s make sure we keep in touch.
Carole, Toronto ON  

I had a great time!. Like Mig and others, I did know a few participants before I booked my first trip with Women’s Travel Network, having been previously wary of traveling in an all ladies group. I was delighted to find everyone, old and new acquaintances, to be so friendly, so interesting, so pleasant and so much FUN!  Thank you all. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.
Also, thanks to Debbie. Having traveled with several different travel companies, I was most impressed at how well arranged everything was and how smoothly everything ran.  I will certainly book another “fabulous Debbie vacation.”
Fiona,  Millbrook ON

Sedona was a wonderful trip.  Many laughs, on and off the golf course, at the bar, even the horseback riding……
Thank you Debbie for another great trip with a fabulous group of women. Looking forward to our next get together.
Marion, Toronto ON

I,too, would lie to join the chorus in singing the praises of  a WONDERFUL trip to Sedona. I had a fantastic week and enjoyed all of you  amazing women ..Debbie did a great job of organizing both before and during the trip and I really appreciate all that she did to make this trip so successful. I hope to keep in touch and perhaps meet you again on 1 of Debbie’s  adventures or elsewhere.
Keep well, Bonnie  Toronto ON


Vietnam, Cambodia & the Riches of the Mekong – November 2013

I want to thank you for planning such an exciting trip.  I can honestly say there was not one thing that was not perfect.  Cudos to you.  The sofitels are fabulous, so clean, so beautiful and the service was unbelievable.  This was the first time I have stayed in one but it won’t be the last.   I guess there is a reason they have five stars.  I am so glad I added the Halong Bay extension.  It certainly was a wonder,  and beautiful to boot.  Of course Angkor Wat was all it could be and I’m certainly glad I took a private car for not only did it cut down on my walking, but he spent the afternoon taking us shopping.  Between Linda and me we kept him busy taking us to many jewelry stores plus, plus. Did I mention the shopping the prices were really a pleasant surprise .  Thank you again for all the time and attention.
Loree, El Paso Texas

This trip was absolutely amazing.  Every step of  the way, I was do impressed with the amount of excursions, the quality of the tour guides, how well organized everything was, and of course our outstanding tour leader Lori. Becky and I extend our appreciation for what you did to set this up, from day 1 until we arrived home last night, we couldn’t stop talking about all of the wonderful things we did each day. Thank you!
Angeline, Oshawa ON

The only disappointment in this trip is that I missed the tunnels tour in Saigon the day before we left.  Accommodations, dining, tour guides, sightseeing tours and tour leader was all wonderful.  I may just need to go back again to fit in what I missed.  This trip was better than I figured and I saw more than I anticipated.  I might add that if there any future trips to some of the 3rd world countries where health care is lacking, the S.O.S. clinic I went to in Saigon was wonderful.  They are in 35 cities in the world and having that valuable information could help someone else.  It was the guide in Saigon that recommended it.
Jan, London ON

The Sofitel hotels were wonderful. I enjoyed the ship but it wasn’t as  nice or the service as good as the one in France but this is NOT a  complaint. The local tour guides were great, very friendly and knowledgeable. The  sightseeing tours were good.  We got to see the way people really live and learned about their culture.
Colleen, Hanover ON


Italy Art Tour – Florence & the Amalfi Coast – September 2013

I enjoyed the trip and I’m glad I went. I keep thinking of Pompeii and how incredible it is/was. There was so much to see in Florence and would be worth another visit. I had a great walk the last morning in Florence before 7 oclock when there were no tourists around  and found a completely different mood! Perhaps my favourite time was spent sitting on the patio in Sorento looking out over the ocean watching the sun go down at sunset while sipping a Martini Rosso!! The whole trip was worth it just for that! thanks for the opportunity!
Diana, Dundas ON

The tour guides were great. They tried to accommodate all of Bonnie’s wishes. Our rooms and hotels were wonderful. We did miss not having the guides with us more often and maybe the same guide so that we could have better report with them.On the whole, it was a wonderful trip, something I will remember all my life.
Maria, Mississauga ON


France River Cruise – April 2013

I want to thank you for a wonderful holiday.  The river cruise was fantastic and I don’t know if I could ever do a big ship again.  I want to thank you so much for keeping me calm while I was sitting in the Ottawa airport waiting for my flight.  That was a close call in not not making it to Toronto in time.    You did a great job in roommate matching, Sue was a great choice.  We got along well. And hope to do it again.   Nanette was very good at her job.    She was always easily accessible and tried to make everyone happy.   Again, thank you so much.  Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer for Russia.
Judy, Ottawa

The boat and hotel were wonderful.  I loved not having to pack and unpack every couple of days.  I would choose the lower level of a river boat again because all we did in there was change and sleep.  A lot of the time there was another boat tied up beside us and blocked out the light and view anyway. The meals were fantastic, there was not anything that I didn’t like, (except the waffles for breakfast) and the portions were enough to taste and fill, but now overfill. The local tours were fun and entertaining and the tour guides were knowledgeable about the areas they were guiding us on.
Sue, Toronto ON

I really enjoyed the cruise. I thought accommodation was great and the food was fantastic. I enjoyed all of the shows too.
–  The ship tour director (Rachel) was fantastic
–  Visit to truffle farm very good
–  Beaujolais tour good
–  Viviers ghost tour was my favourite
I would take a river cruise again. Although as you likely know the general crowd is a lot older so I would enjoy going with a group again where you can “make your own fun”.
Susan, Mississauga ON


Girlfriend Getaway Weekend, Collingwood ON – April 2013

Ladies weekend was F A N T A S T I C.  Debbie out did herself again.  Everyone had a wonderful, funny, heartwarming, food eating, bonding weekend.  A stellar event!
Carolyn, Unionville ON

I want to thank you,Debbie, for your hard work organizing our great weekend of laughter and events.  I had a great time.  It was a pleasure to meet so many empowered women and see how much fun we can have on a short getaway weekend.  It was a real boost for me. I look forward to our next getaway…..where ever it is!!!
Sandy, Newmarket ON

Thanks for a wonderful weekend.  Debbie, you did a great job in putting it all together!  Ardice and I really appreciate how welcomed we both felt by you all.
Anne-Christine, Toronto ON

Thank you Debbie for organizing such a fun, relaxing break.  The quality of people I met and reconnected with makes me want to particpate in one of Debbie’s longer trips even more. Thank you so much for the great energy you all gave me on the mountain top. ALthough technically nothing has changed, I changed this weekend and life feels grand. I look forward to the next time I can connect with everyone.
Veronica, Keswick ON

I had a great time and enjoyed meeting all you lovely ladies.  And was able to enjoy the Beild House and just relax for the weekend.  Hope to do it again soon, till next time, have a great day.  PS  I also would like to thank Debbie for organizing this beautiful weekend.
Linda, Thornhill ON

What a lovely weekend that was.  How nice to see old friends and make new ones. As Heather and I (and all who were on the walking tour) discovered, sometimes you just need to stop and look up.  It was nice to stop and look up to find you all there.
Helen, Markham ON


Africa – Kenya, Tanzania  & Zanzibar – February 2013

I’m still on cloud nine and have enjoyed showing family and friends my pics.  Every time I look at them I go back to our trip.
Irene, Toronto ON

Thank you from the bottom/top of my heart for an unbelievable Africa Trip.  It was amazing, all the adjectives cannot do the trip justice.  The ladies were amazing, also.  Cannot wait for another Africa Trip or some other trip which I am interested in.
Linda, Thornhill ON

Thank you for another beautiful trip.  I can’t say what would be my “rose” because it was the whole trip. My “thorn” would have to be the ending with having a day long tour. Again, thank you for a wonderful trip.
Anne, Guelph ON


Morocco – October 2012

My trip – in one word – was wonderful! I loved Morocco.  Dining choices – the food was mostly OK, albeit a bit boring.  The menu was the same in every restaurant. By the end we were sick and tired of Moroccan food. Having said that – I did buy a tajine.   Our local guides were very good. Our main guide improved with time and was actually very good and nice. The driver, by the way, was extremely kind and pleasant.  Everything we saw in the various cities was very interesting. Personally, I am happy the guide took us in Fez to visit the synagogue and the cemetery. He also took just me in another location to visit a cemetery and small synagogue while the others had a drink and toilette break. I so appreciated that. It seemed like he really enjoyed telling us about Jewish history, contribution and culture – that for me was the highlight.  The cooking class was lovely, it was particularly interesting to see the house, which is an inn. The end product of the meal wasn’t great but it didn’t really matter. The two women were charming.  Jo-Anne was good, responsible and well organized. She was keen to please.
Tamara, Vancouver BC

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Morocco.  This was an opportunity that I would not have had otherwise and that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  The countryside was breathtaking, the cities full of marvels and the desert was an experience of a lifetime.  Our local guide, Jamal Nouri deserves nothing but praise; he behaved in a very professional manner at all times and only had our best interest at heart.   Given that we were traveling in a Muslim country and that our guide was a man, it is to be expected that sometimes we would feel like we were being spoken to in a way that we are not used to in North America.  However, Jamal was always courteous and respectful of us.  He answered our innumerable questions very patiently.  He was also very protective and knew what to look out for as we made our way through the market in various cities.  Also, his knowledge of the country was incredible.
Lise, Ottawa ON

I thoroughly enjoyed Morocco and loved many parts of the trip. The hotel accommodation was fine with some a little better than others but overall no complaints. The hamman experience and cooking lesson were great and should definitely be kept on this trip. I appreciated the efforts of Joanne and Diana to rearrange this day.  The restaurant choices were good too.  It was nice to have breakfast and dinner included in the price and we had some amazing meals. I don’t consume alcohol so having wine included is not important. Lunches were bigger than I would normally eat and would often be the same fare that was offered for dinner. Lunches sometimes were very late in the day so we learned to bring snacks on the bus. I thought some of the entertainment was a little amateurish and not necessary to get a real feel of Morocco.
Josey, Ottawa ON


Florence, Rome & Amalfi Coast – September 2012

I had a wonderful time!!!!!!!  I find it hard to suggest a change to anything.  The only issue was with the meal the second night and Nanette had that changed quickly.  I, for one, did not lack for anything appealing to eat.  The women travelling on this tour were all wonderful.  I would travel with any of them again.  Nanette is a first class lady and guide.  Her concern for everyone shows, yet she knows how to go out and enjoy herself with everyone.  Our tour guide was accommodating to change, some things were not in his control to change, but he looked after everyone. The local tours were good and the guides had good english skills.  The guide in Pamplona was exceptional with her humour.  Having just finished the Trafalgar Tour I can tell you Pepe was wonderful.  I have written to Trafalgar Tours to let them know of my disapppointment in their guide BUT we had a bus driver who made up for it.  It was a great tour as well, but I now know will continue to travel with you Debbie.  The comfort of travelling with 12 – 14 women and having everything included makes for a relaxed and fun trip.
Jan, London ON

Sorrento and the Amalfi  coast was AWESOME!!  Our bus driver was so good we really didn’t have concerns about that crazy highway.  He was also a lot of fun.  Carolyn was terrific…very organized and as usual…lots of fun.  She did a great job, very professional.  would travel with her again anytime.
Thanks for having the Women’s Travel Network!!!!
Dixie, Mississauga

The trip was a fabulous memory and I think more so than 1 particular thing it was an overall fun time with new and old friends (just a lovely bunch of friendly ladies, we had great fun, loved everyone of the girls).  Florence was spectacular from the moment Dixie and I opened the window and saw the picturesque views. LOVED THE HOTEL. Rome, although there was history and an interesting place (in it’s time years ago) but certainly no good accomodations. Sorrento was gorgeous..loved it!
Sandy, Georgetown

I thought the trip was fabulous and the group of women couldn’t have been more fun and entertaining.  We all got along so well!  All in all, the trip was absolutely wonderful, and I have great memories and great pictures!  Hard to say what my favourite memory would be, there were so many.  The dinner in Florence was so much fun, and also the bus rides in Amalfi were a highlight.  And seeing the Vatican was pretty amazing!  Thank you for all your good travel advice in your emails prior to the trip also!  I’d love to travel again on one of your tours.
Louise, Toronto


Treasures of Tuscany – September 2012

Travel through Tuscany was excellent – Italy has proven again to be a excellent destination with so much to offer.
Overall, I loved the tour and felt I had made the right choice for me – it was fun travelling with the ladies and many of them were exceptional people.
Your accommodation?  Great choice of hotels.  I was especially pleased with the hotel choice in Florence.  Both the location and the services provided by the hotel were top notch.  The dining choices? Over all the meals were really excellent and delicious – I was afraid that we were were going to get substandard tour meals but no, it was excellent. The local tour guides? Sara and Nicola (the driver) were wonderful.  Very sweet and kept us on time and informed. The sightseeing tours?
The tours were great – I would have liked to spend more time in Siena and a deeper tour of Duomo in Siena.  I would not want to miss out on any of the cities we went to.  The  choices were excellent and having some free time was great. The cooking class? The cooking class was a highlight.  Many people said that it was best part of the tour.  I totally loved it and thought Laura was super nice and lovely. Your tour leader?
Corey was great and so pleasant.   She is a very nice lady and you really did get the sense she was listening to you.  I would love to travel with her again.
I had a great time and know I made the right decision booking with your company.  I loved the level of quality we experienced in accommodations, tour guides and dining.
Maria, Toronto


Danube River Cruise – April 2012
(mixed company tour)

I have to say a huge THANK YOU for making my first major travel experiences something I’ll always remember!!!  I’m afraid the bar has been set so high; my next venture won’t possibly live up to my expectations!!  J
Cindy, Waterloo ON

It was a class act all the way and we loved every minute of it. You were so organized and had everything well taken care of from our arrival in the departure lounge at Pearson until we left in Prague. So, thank you once again. We won’t hesitate to book with Women’s Travel Network in the future.
Ellen and David, Burlington ON


Sedona Art Tour – September 2012

I had the most amazing trip to Sedona Arizona, with 9 artists. This was a painting trip, and we painted up a storm. We stayed a fabulous hote (Best Western Arroyo Roblel, saw incredible places, and the highlight was the grand canyon. As a bonus, we dined at wonderful restaurants (The Cowboy Club and El Tovar).  We met fantastic people, including Alan our driver/guide,  a native American that taught us about the native philosophy. All in all, it was an inspiring trip.
Bonnie , Thornhill ON


Florence, Rome & the Amalfi Coast – September 2013 

I thought the trip was fabulous and the group of women couldn’t have been more fun and entertaining.  We all got along so well!
Louise, Toronto ON

It was amazing!  All the ‘gotta see’ sights were included..and the Amalfi Coast was to dream for……pinch me!
Deb, Burlington ON


Treasures of Tuscany – September 2013

Hello Debbie, travel through Tuscany was excellent – Italy has proven again to be a excellent destination with so much to offer. Overall, I loved the tour and felt I had made the right choice for me – it was fun travelling with the ladies and many of them were exceptional people.
Maria, Toronto ON


Spanish Highlights – September 2013

The Spain trip was wonderful (not on the same scale as exotic India), but wonderful just the same.  All of the ladies were interesting, fun, and easy-going. I felt we got to see a lot of highlights of the north area of Spain and Barcelona as well. The Rioja wine region was not to be missed. Nanette was great, and so was our tour leader PePe.  The cooking class at the masia was wonderful.  It was fun, delicious and the surroundings were beautiful.  I would take my husband there for a stay in a heart beat.
All in all, it was an unforgettable trip through Spain.  I will return again someday!
Leslie, Aurora ON

I really enjoyed the trip to Spain. I loved the whole atmosphere of the country and being able to practice my Spanish. The local tour guides were amazing and so informative, friendly and positive. Nanette is a very dedicated tour leader and makes sure everyone is looked after. Cooking class was great especially the amazing location where it was held.
Marie, Thornhill ON


Magical Morocco – October 2013 

I thoroughly enjoyed Morocco and loved many parts of the trip. The hotel accommodation was fine with some a little better than others but overall no complaints. The hamman experience and cooking lesson were great and should definitely be kept on this trip. Jamal our local guide was very passionate about his country and wanted us to see as much as possible. I know he often went beyond the call of duty to look after us and did his best to meet our needs.
Josey, Ottawa ON
I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Morocco.  This was an opportunity that I would not have had otherwise and that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  The countryside was breathtaking, the cities full of marvels and the desert was an experience of a lifetime. Our local guide, Jamal Nouri deserves nothing but praise; he behaved in a very professional manner at all times and only had our best interest at heart.
Lise, Ottawa ON
My trip – in one word – was wonderful! I loved Morocco.  The accommodation was very good.

Dining choices – the food was mostly OK, albeit a bit boring. Everything we saw in the various cities was very interesting. The cooking class was lovely, it was particularly interesting to see the house, which is an inn.
Tamara, Vancouver BC


India from a Woman’s Perspective – October 2011

First of all, let me say that it was an incredible experience and one that I would certainly not have taken advantage of if it had not been part of a well-planned and co-ordinated package.  I always felt that we were in good hands and that we were well protected from any eventuality.  Travelling unsupported in India would have been a nightmare for a group of women and I thank you and the Worldwide group for taking care of all of the important details and for keeping us very safe.

The itinerary was intense and fascinating and rich with information.  At times it felt over-whelming and almost too fast-paced but there was so very much to see and to do. I appreciated that when we said that we were exhausted and over-whelmed that Ashish was comfortable slowing down the speed and letting us just relax.  He was very sensitive to our needs and quite patient with us and our numerous foibles and I praise him for his tolerance.  Not easy for one man to manage the idiosyncracies of  22 women and to come out of it sane!! I was sorry that we didn’t spend more time talking to women and girls about their experience of growing up in India but appreciate that Diwali and our timing there interfered with previous plans.  Hwever, contact with more women might be one thing I’d suggest adding next time.
I really liked the new guides at each location with their unique perspectives and specialties.  I particularly liked and enjoyed Pretty in Delhi because of her clear and direct conversation about the role of women in India.  More women guides might have been interesting although all of the men were excellent.
I loved the majority of the hotels especially the Heritage ones that weren’t tacky.  Most of the hotels were of a high standard and clean…some cleaner than others.  All of them were interesting and unique and I appreciate the thought that must have gone into their being selected.  I loved the hotel in Udaipur the best..Who could have expected to be in Venice while in India…so beautiful and peaceful for our last day there!!
Also the hotel to change and freshen up on our way home , in Delhi was great and a lovely, thoughtful thing to do.  Thank you for that.
A major concern for me because of my reaction to certain Indian spices was the food.  In retrospect I had no reason to be concerned.  On only one occasion did I go hungry and that was not because of the Indian spices but because of the quality of the breakfast…I did not starve.  Thanks for the excellent selection and the choices of food.  I’m certainly far more comfortable with Indian dishes.
And then there was the shopping!  That was fun and a delightful experience and I have many lovely treasures to remember India by.  Thanks to the gentlemen for their patience as we touched and smelled and haggled about prices and hesitated and bought.  My partner would have been in sheer agony if he had been shopping with the 22 of us.  Ashish was a saint!
I’d also like to thank you for your concern about our health.  You were excellent at bringing a nutritionist to us before we left to talk about protecting ourselves and you were diligent in making sure that we took the necessary medicines and tinctures, etc..  Only two cases of Delhi-belly among 22 women must be a record and I think that it is largely due to the  excellent preparation that we had.  Thanks….Even though I resisted some of the poisons that you made me take I appreciate your twisting my arm!! Yuck..I can still taste that stuff!!
Thank you again for the work that went into this trip.  I think that there was lots of behind-the-scenes planning that occurred and that we were not privy to.  What we experienced was fascinating and fun.  Now I can say that I’ve ridden an elephant and a camel, and been kicked in the shins by a rebellious camel and walked through desert sands with a camel driver to a tent rendezvous and been lost in a tuk tuk in a crazy market place, fearful of never being found, and …sigh..I’ve been to the Taj Mahal.  Wow!!  So much and so many incredible memories!  All in all a memorable and a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience!

Barbara, Aurora ON

Roses: Everything…Indian people, food, and sights and sounds.  And the people on the trip – good group. The village walk-abouts were especially enjoyable.
I wasn’t a big fan of the “heritage” hotels, while they were nice to look at I preferred the “real” hotels with all their comforts and efficiencies.   Thanks again for a wonderful trip.

Shirley, Toronto ON

-the blog you did. Amazing. Great summary. Nice for people at home to follow. Never seen it done before on a trip and it sets your organization apart for quality.
-the other woman on the trip
-Pretti (sp?) the guide on the first day
-the water on the bus. Safe. Clean. Available.
-your ability to manage 21 women through conflict and still have them all like you at the end of the trip

Lynn,  Vancouver BC

Overall, the content of the tour and the tour guides were very good. India, the country, was amazing (the marketing slogan is truly correct – Incredible India). All of my fellow women travellers were terrific. We had some great laughs and made very good memories together. Hopefully, some enduring friendships will have been made.   The highlight for me was Reggie’s Camel Camp with the sunset ride, dinner and of course, the after dinner dancing.

Vicki, Comox BC


Italy Art Tour –  September 2011

We had a fantastic time, the organization was excellent and the accommodation was amazing for the price!  We loved Venice and are planning to return.
The Hotel in Venice was fine, although I hear some ladies felt the receptionists were rude!! They were fine with me! The breakfasts were lovely and I still laugh about walking in to find a mirrored ceiling (no I am not joking!!) and as far as we know no one else had one!
Tuscany, Borgo de Cortefreda was fantastic and wonderfully situated between the two villages. We walked into both and ate there most of the time in the evening. Great pizza, pasta and wine!  The hotel was very well run, great food and the staff were fantastic. The day trips were great, San Gimignano and the Vineyard for lunch was fantastic, Sienna was wonderful, Cinque Terre amazing, and Assisi was OK!
Florence was wonderful and the hotel was fantastic! Great location and great accommodation again. We loved Sarah, and the fact that she stayed with us all the way to Florence, she was a sweetheart.  The Uffizi was great but exhausting! Glad I went just to see the Birth of Venus.  Paul had a fantastic time and I swear he loved every minute of his time playing chaperone to 15 ladies!
Venice was our favourite of all, I did not paint that day as Paul and I walked all day to see as much as possible. My second favourite was San Gimingano and the vineyard lunch at Fattoria San Donato.

Sharon and Paul, Hamilton ON

I cannot over emphasize enough how much I/we LOVED Italy.  And it is a direct result of what you did for us Debbie.  Every day was better than the day before. We had a blast downloading the pictures to our facebook blog every day…and adding our little sayings to them all…and then sitting there in awe at where we had been…lol…
I have been asked several times what was the highlight…and I can honestly say the WHOLE trip…Cate and I laugh over this because it was true…I felt like a little girl every morning…so excited to see what we were going to see and experience another adventure…this trip exceeded my expectations…I honestly never dreamed that I would be so moved…on several occasions…moved to tears at what I experienced…it was truly a spiritual thing for me personally…and I cried when I left Florence…I didn’t want it to stop…I didn’t want to come home…!!!
Italy is in my heart and soul now…and as Cate said…I/we am going back…and planning for 2013!!!
So, again, thank you for making this the best trip of my life (so far!!!)…

Jeanette, Hamilton ON

I think that we would definitely love to join you on a tour one day… I’m pretty sure Italy will be on my list of “need to visit again” places for sure.  And Jeanette & I decided we both loved travelling together, so that’s a go…Hope you had a fab time in the Amalfi coast, etc.  We would love to go back there again and the little B & B we stayed at in Positano was simply spectacular.  We would both stay there again in a minute, highly recommended f.y.i.   “Gilda’s Holiday House”.
One of the things I would have liked to change:   I would have definitely liked at least one more day in Venice, one day was just not enough.
All in all, the trip scored 10+ on our list of experiences. Thank you so much for all of the advance planning you did for us, including our transfers to/from Naples.  We were greeted at the Naples airport by our friendly driver in a beautiful leather, air-conditioned Mercedes Benz! We felt really special!!  The Hotel in Tuscany was incredible and we loved the staff there.  We felt the same way with our hotel in Florence too, the staff, our rooms, everything was fantastic.
We would definitely recommend The Women’s Travel Network for a great vacation – and I have already, actually!  Hope to see you again sometime and thanks a million again, the trip will never be forgotten.

Cate, Waterdown ON

My Rose is everything on the trip. It was well organized. I don’t think we could have fit any more into the trip.The group of people were terrific. Bonnie made sure everyone was included. We had so much fun. The scenery was spectacular. It was the trip of a life time. I would difinitely go on a trip organized by you again.

Maria, Mississauga ON

I wanted to give you some thoughts about our Italy Art tour.  It was an amazing trip.
My ‘rose’ would be the itinerary and all the great planning that went into it.  I had been to Venice, Florence
and Assissi a few times before but still found new things to discover.  I loved staying in Tuscany and making day trips to various highlights in the area.  The hotel was a great place to land in the evening.  It was a in a beautiful setting and the location was ideal because we were a short walk into the towns.
If if I had to choose a ‘thorn’, it would be the tour guide in Assissi.  I think his name was Emilio?  Perhaps we got so spoiled by Sara. She was so involved with our group whereas Emilio did not seem all that interested, or interesting.
The hotel Berchielli in Florence was also great.  Belle Epoque in Venice was not quite to the same standard as the others (a little lacking in customer service).
Hope your trip is as wonderful as ours was, and thank you for all of your diligent work in planning for our group.

Tracey, Ancaster ON

The tour was fantastic. The hotels were excellent and the main guides  were very helpful. Bonnie tried her utmost to make everyone happy and fortunately it was a very congenial group. We really “lucked out.”
It will be very difficult to duplicate the dynamics of this group.  The whole trip was outstanding with many memorable moments. Thanks for all your assistance

Eileen, Thornhill ON


European River Cruise – Mosel & Rhine – April 2011

Although WTN’s 2010 Ireland tour remains one of my favourite travel experiences, the 2011 Rhine Cruise was almost as special.  Our first three days in Paris were a wonderful opportunity to get reacquainted with the city and a chance to get to know a new group of companions.  The Seine boat tour, the view from the steps of Sacre Coeur, the show at the Moulin Rouge, lunch in the sunshine on the Champs Elysees, shopping on the Ile St-Louis, and a twilight concert at Sainte Chapelle – all were highlights.  Even getting lost on the streets of Paris was fun.
The following week on the river cruise was just as spectacular.  The views of the Moselle vineyards and the castles on the Rhine were beyond description.  The excursions were well organized, informative and offered enough free time for shopping or sightseeing on our own.  And the food!  Delicious homemade soups and even an ice cream bar in the lounge as a special treat.
My thanks to Debbie Ross and the sixteen other women I grew to appreciate during our time together.  I look forward to the privilege of sharing your company on another fabulous WTN trip in 2012.

Anne Marie, Toronto ON

Debbie…I just wanted to send you a note of sincere thanks for putting together such a wonderful ( and fun!!) trip not only on the Rhine cruise but 3 fabulous days in the beautiful city of Paris.
I never laughed so much with such a friendly group of women. Everyone mixed so well and enjoyment of the trip by everyone was obvious.  Everything from the start was first class, even to our education of the underground system of Paris.  The tour guides in each of the stops from Paris to Amsterdam were delightful and so knowlegeable of the history of the medieval cities that we stopped at as we cruised along the Mosel and Rhine rivers.  I have to say the river cruise  ship was amazing…so calm, it felt like we were sitting still and the scenery was rolling past us!!  I don’t think I will ever  do another big ship cruise!   The service was outstanding and the food…well, what can I say….fantabulous!  Even the chef sharing his recipes for his delicious soups and strudel was great.
Debbie, I can’t thank you enough for pairing me, once again, with a wonderful room mate!  Both of my trips with you have resulted in good friendships after so much fun. The very neat thing was your blog, that my family and friends were able to follow back home, as we travelled.  I thank  you for the hours that you put in almost every evening putting it together.
I have already enlisted for the Tuscany trip next  year and can’t wait, as I know you will put together a “six” star trip for another wonderful group of ladies that just enjoy travel.

Dixie, Mississauga ON

First of all,   I would like to THANK YOU so much for putting this trip together.   I LOVED IT!!!   The small cruise ship was superb !!   and I sure did have lots of laughs with the gals.
You always do such a fabulous job of watching over us all but, still manage to join in with us as a friend sharing and helping to make another great memory.   That’s why you are  “  YOU “.   !
Gosh!!!  Do we have some Great Gals or what?     Each person is unique in their own special way!.

Jacqueline, Mississauga ON

I loved Paris and the European River Cruise.  Castles galore, historic sites and so much fun and laughter.  Thank you for a wonderful experience.  My expectations were exceeded”.

Carolyn, Markham ON


Treasures of Tuscany – October, 2010

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic trip ! I had a wonderful time and have so many beautiful memories of my sojourn in Tuscany.   Everything about the trip was excellent, the hotels,the different tours and events, not to mention the amazing food and wines.   For me, it certainly was the trip of a lifetime !
I am already saving for my next trip !
With gratitude to an excellent and charming hostess.

Wendy, Winnipeg Manitoba

First of all, I want to thank you very much  for a wonderful trip. I, too, think it was ag reat group and we had a LOT of fun. I really can’t say that there was 1 “rose”, there were soooo many  special moments. I think we were very lucky to have Claudia as our guide and Michele as our driver.  I was very pleased with the variety of places visited and our different experiences. I think you  filled in a  lot of different things and feel we certainly got excellent value for the price of the trip. Many thanks, too for all of your wonderful pictures. You certainly captured  a  lot.  Mille grazie.

Bonnie, Toronto ON

I thought the trip was very fast-paced, but realize now that it had to be that way to get all the things in that we did and see all the sights that we saw.  I’m glad now that it was fast-paced.  I would have been disappointed otherwise (but didn’t think about that at 7:00 a.m. every morning).  I think we got a pretty thorough insight to Tuscany and saw some beautiful countryside.  The meals were great, even if too much at times.  Our guide, Claudia, was a joy to have around and was very informative on different aspects of our trip in and around Tuscany.  All in all, I think it was a wonderful trip and I wouldn’t take anything for it.

Florence, on the other hand, to me, was another fast-paced metropolis with too many people and too many motorcycles.  I did, however, like the leather markets (5 purses later!).  I also enjoyed seeing the statue of David–such an awesome piece of artwork, made out of one single piece of marble. I don’t think one could do Tuscany, and not at least visit Florence which is so near.  It was good to compare the two, which were completely different.  Thank you for such a wonderful time and great memories!

Becky , Dallas Texas


Promenade en Provence & Paris –  September, 2010

Nanette and the group were great!  Air France was great.  The hotels were conveniently situated: every room may have been slightly different as I shared with Pat and we had a coffee machine and mini bar (lucky I guess).   I will remember the olive trees, cyprus trees, herbs growing wild, melons, the food….  Les Halles Market and cooking class.  Definitely the long long walk (from light to dusk) to the Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomph with Pat and Kathy.
I loved Les Beaux medieval village, and then again I loved St. Remy and Roussillon and Garde (oh dear…)
I loved the food at the restaurant first night in Avignon – D’Ici and d’Ailleurs (the pate, duckling and warm choc pudding yummy) and the restaurant the first night in Paris (can’t remember the name).   Aux Charpentiers was also good (Chef said Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien always ate there when they were in Paris (was that true?).

Aileen, Toronto ON

The enthusiasm, energy and friendliness of the group was a rose as it is impossible to know how this will play out.  The itinerary was really good and the break in the middle with a free day was great.  I love the format of staying at only two places for the duration of the trip.

Judy, Nanaimo BC

WTN tour leader Nanette did a great job of keeping us on track – it’s a good model to have a host from Canada as well as a guide from France.  Tour guide Laurence went above the call of duty, she’s an excellent guide and I would recommend using her again.

Hotel L’Horlage was good and I would recommend using it again.  The location at the town square made it easy to tour around Avignon and always get back to the hotel.  My room accommodation was very nice – good beds. The front desk staff were accommodating.

The itinerary was good.  On Friday, we went to Gordes instead of Bonnieux and I would recommend keeping that change.  Travelling to Gordes and Rousillon in the same day was an interesting comparison.  You can see each town from the vantage point of the other and it is interesting to note how different they are given their proximity.

The day with the chef was my favourite and we certainly did not need dinner after a day of cooking and eating.

I think you struck the right balance of planned activities and downtime.  On our free day, Lindsay and I went to Marseille and were able to easily make it back for dinner. Restaurants:  D’Ici & d’Ailleurs, Piedoie and Chez Francois were very good.  The food at Le Lutrin was disappointing, however, the view of the Popes Palace through the open door was lovely.

Paris hotel de L’Avenir was somewhat disappointing after our first hotel. The location was excellent and the main floor amenities (breakfast, library and sitting room) were perfectly fine.

Martha, Toronto ON

What can I say, I had a fantastic time. It was a blast travelling with Martha. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was very unfortunate that Nanette suffered back issues in the middle of the trip but I think everyone pulled together marvelously well and dealt with her setback allowing her to rest.

Roses: Tons and tons but here are a couple – Laurence and Valerie our guides for the Provence Region were fabulous! Their insight, knowledge and service was top-notch. They were a pleasure to meet!

– The hotel in Avignon was marvelous. How much better could it get – very comfortable beds, a view over the square, pretty room, lovely and accomodating front desk staff, etc.

– the areas and towns we visited were fantastic – my pictures definitely show the diversity of the region.

– having a hotel around the corner from Les Jardins du Luxembourg!! FAAAANtastic!

Thorns: Nothing major for me – a bit of an issue for everyone with the hotel in Paris but Martha and I were fine as it was part of our adventure – the accomodation was more “motel quality” rather than “boutique hotel quality” but the actual location more than made up for it!

Would I go on another Women’s Travel Network trip?? If I had Martha as my travelling companion, you bet I would!

Lindsay, Newmarket ON

My favorite memory was our time in Avignon.  Alas, my time in Paris was tantalizingly brief.
I am very happy to say to all I meet here that our trip to France was very well-planned and marvelously executed from beginning to end.
The only small glitch was that our van driver let us off at the wrong terminal on the 27th; however, having Lindsay, Martha, Liz and Marie to help get us to the right spot smoothed that wrinkle out in record time.

Leslie,  King City ON


Ireland’s Southern Gems – May, 2010

“This is the fourth fabulous trip I have taken with Debbie Ross from the Women’s Travel Network.  My past year was filled with tragedy and trauma, so spending nine glorious days in Ireland, sharing,  laughing, learning and exploring was the best medicine to soothe my soul. Most of us had traveled together before, so we knew each other and got along well. Debbie carefully organized new additions (who are now new friends) to our group to ensure that our trip was as smooth as Jameson Whisky. Debbie was more than successful in her task.  Thank you Debbie for all your efforts. I eagerly anticipate our next trip in 2012.”

Heather Resnick, writer and activist.  Thornhill, ON

Another fabulous trip with WTN!!  The effort, attention to detail and flexibility for which Debbie is known was reflected in the itinerary, excellent accommodation, quality meals and rousing entertainment which our group enjoyed. The fun loving, caring and compatible “babes” made each day exciting and memorable.  My only regret was that the trip had to come to an end.
Jan Murray, Georgetown ON

I’m sure I was touched by a Leprechaun while there:  Somebody filled up all of my suitcases and bags~.!!   The magic of the Pub music and live street musicians still dances in my head while I remember the tastes of Irish tradition,  ( Of course that means Guinness and Irish Coffees as well. Ha. Ha.)   The 5 Star  Hotels nestled along side of the lakes, the Bright, intricate and welcoming Pub entrances, the meals, the Fabulous Tour Guide/Bus Driver who left no stone unturned in taking GREAT care of us. Oh, and of course, the colorful hand painted tops of the Sheep grazing in the ever flowing green.  The History the Castles, the walks through the Estate houses with stories of days gone by:  Did I mention : My Marriage Proposal?
Debbie, just how do you manage to pack so many activities and adventures into your tours and still allow us to have our free time to dilly dally about shopping and exploring new ground   ?   Another very successful Trip with “  The Babes on The Bus”  coming home with great memories and new friendships made.  What’s next ?  I can hardly wait to find out so that I can begin the planning.  Thanks so much Debbie for a FABULOUS WEEK of Total Excitement each and every day!.

Jacqueline Witchell, Mississauga.

What a wonderful vacation.  Women’s Travel Network took care of absolutely everything.  All we needed to do was show up for the fun and excitement.  Food, accommodations and tour guides were all exceptional – even the weather was beautiful!  I will put my trust in WTN for all my future vacations.

Carolyn Whitaker, Unionville ON

Having just returned from the “babes on the bus” Ireland trip, I am already considering signing up for another of the WTN’s excursions.  I can’t thank Debbie Ross and the other “babes” enough for welcoming me into their little group and making me feel so comfortable from the first day.  The Irish scenery was spectacular, the food and accommodations beyond what I expected, and the attention to detail meticulous.  Our driver/guide Keith Williams was not only a treasure trove of knowledge but kept us entertained as well with songs and stories as we travelled the countryside.
I feel as though I have made eleven new friends and will carry the memories of our shared laughter and experiences always.  (In my mind, Queen Victoria will never be the same.  Or horse drawn carriages either.)  My gratitude also to the “babes” for allowing me to take up residence in the front seat of the bus – your understanding and patience was much appreciated.
Debbie, I am in awe and hope to be just like you when I grow up.  Your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious.  My best to all the “babes” and trust we will keep in touch.

Anne Marie Morello, Toronto ON

I just wanted to write a note to thank you for putting together such a wonderful trip for all of us women that elected to go to Ireland recently.  Debbie, I have never traveled alone or with a group before but I can’t wait to go on my next planned trip with the Women’s Travel Network …”The European River Cruise”
The congeniality of our group was amazing!! No one felt alone or “out of things”.  Everyone mixed so well altho’ we all came from very different backgrounds.  Travelling about the Emerald Isle on a smaller but luxury bus with our amazing driver and guide Keith was excellent.
Keith was super with his wit and songs of Ireland. I was so impressed with the absence of the usual “check-in” processes.  Our accommodations were five star all the way and to check in we just had to walk in and our keys were handed to us.  Our luggage then magically appeared in our rooms.  All due to  great planning on your part, Debbie.  And the Food!! amazing! gourmet!  what can I say but how often does one take pictures of their serving???
I didn’t know anyone prior to the trip but feel that I have made some real friendships that I will enjoy for years to come.  Thanks again for recognizing the need for a “Women’s Travel Network”.

Dixie,  Port Credit, ON


Danube River Cruise – November, 2009

The best thing about our trip was the wonderful group of funloving fellow travellers. My second best choice was the great Mozart/Strauss concert in Vienna and we were even treated to Betty,s concert debut on the triangle – too bad we couldn’t take a picture. I don’t know how you arranged for the ship’s crew who seemed to love their work and the terrific local guides. I can’t think of a single thing that I would change.

Gerry, Newmarket ON

It seems to have taken me so much longer to ‘adjust’ back to Cdn time, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of the journey and the opportunity to meet everyone. I agree wholeheartedly that we had a great group.

I truly can’t think of any negatives about the trip as far as my personal satisfaction goes. Had I purposely gone to shop the Christmas Markets I think I would have been disappointed since so many of them were the same as the one before and I’m sure that a lot of goods were not hand crafted! But I went to see the cities and how Christmas is celebrated elsewhere and I certainly was not disappointed. Each city was a delight in its own special way. Although I liked Prague the best it probably was because Karen was able to join me and the fact that we had more time there. I would honestly consider going back to any of them!

Carole, Toronto ON

I wanted to let you all know how wonderful it was to meet you.  When friends ask me about my trip I find myself telling how much fun I had with this group of people I had never met before.  Eventually I tell them about the scenery, meals and bottomless bottles of wines at the dinner table.

Christine, Sarnia ON


Treasures of Tuscany – September 2009

The trip was everything I had hoped for and more. I just loved both the medieval towns and cities in Chianti and the many charms of Florence.
I had no idea of how beautiful the countryside would be and I cannot say enough about Tuscany as a whole.
It would not be a complete affirmation of the trip without including Nanette’s contribution. She was a wonderfully organized and patient travel escort and her personal touch throughout the ten days, right up to the group photo with space for notes to each of our fellow travellers, created a truly memorable experience.
Raphaele, too, was an incredible asset. What an amazing guide!
Many thanks, too, for all your input and guidance in organizing for the trip., Debbie.
Looking forward to the next adventure.

Leslie King City, ON

It was an absolutely fabulous trip and I think it was unanimous that it exceeded everyone’s expectations! Nanette was wonderful – so easy-going and good with everyone and well organized. Loved her. The group was a very collegial one – everyone got along so well. together. The tour guide Raffaele was outstanding. If I had to pick one highlight – it was the lunch at the agri-tourisimo. Outstanding!! And the first morning in San Giamgnano.

Susan N Toronto, ON

Ihad such a marvelous time, Nannette was the best, always caring and concerned about us. I will definably travel with you again.
Cheryl H Stonewall, MB
It was the most amazing experience of my life….and much much more than I could ever have imagined!!!!!…..I can’t wait to get back there…… I would have liked to have spent much more time in Cortona…..2 hours were just not enough to take it all in….I could have stayed there at least a couple of days ….. Next time I would like to see Cortona and Positano, and the Amalfi Coast….
I loved the Agritourismo’s very very much….I like the countryside and Medieval villages much much more than Florence
Deborah L Mississauga, ON
The trip was more than I had expected and Nanette was an amazing leader. She is super organized and has a charm about her that brings out the best in people. I am sure you already knew that. When you are talking with your Agent in Italy please pass on that Raeffelo was an amazing guide. For such a young guy he sure was informative and patient. Between him and Pierro (the driver) they made the trip that much more enjoyable.
Thanks again…. it was a great time.
Elizabeth G Brampton, ON

Classical Egypt – October, 2008

“The trip to Egypt was fantastic. We arrived to fireworks celebrating the end of Ramadan and we left as a wonderful group of new friends. All the trips and times in between were amazing and felt like we were on a movie set as we cruised down the Nile. I can’t believe I was actually there, when I look at my photos. Thanks again Debbie for putting together a fabulous vacation.”

Denise Tierney, Waterloo ON

“My trip to Egypt was the realization of a lifelong dream to visit the Pyramids which my dad had visited in 1944 during WWII. All of the sites were awe-inspiring and the ladies that I travelled with were a great bunch – I enjoyed getting to know everyone! I would definitely travel again with the WTN.’

Debbie Reiche, Toronto ON

“A commitment to the entire travel experience is what best describes my recent trip to Egypt booked through Debbie Ross at the Womens Travel Network. The relationship did not end after I gave my deposit and final payment, in fact in took on a whole new dimension. I was nervous about this big trip. I had not travelled in over 10 years and I had to decide where I wanted to go and once I decided that, plenty of questions followed. Debbie Ross at the Womens Travel Network walked me through all of it. From what vaccinations I needed to have, what the culture would be like, what books and videos to watch to educate myself on Egypt, to the security and comfort of knowing I would be safe, well looked after and that I would not a miss any of the magnificent sites that Egypt had to offer. In a day and age where customer service ends after payment and level after level of voice mail and unreturned messages are the norm, it was a pleasant and welcomed surprise.”

Janis Taylor, Whitby ON

The experience of ‘living’ the history of the country was truly a memorable event in my life.  Thanks for the planning.

Carole, Toronto ON

Have seen more than can be absorbed in one trip and the pictures will not do the experience justice…

Interesting East/West clash, seeing women fully dressed in traditional black with only eyes exposed, and women walking beside in North American clothing.  The religious dress with the scarves have become more of a fashion statement for the younger ones.  Horses and buggies share the street with cars and trucks. There seems to be no traffic rules, and it is all for himself.  Have ridden in horse, on camel (yes!…my camel’s name was Mickey Mouse) and once again, witneesed lots of poverty and lots of begging.  Having said that, we see satellite dishes and cellphones everywhere we go.  Animals are treated well for the most part, as they are a source of income for their masters. They are very tightly controlled though, and very submissive.  This is all part of the culture, as tourism is the main thing.
The natural attractions – pyramids and temples are amazing…you can “feel” the energy.  I have beautiful pictures and memories to share and have met some wonderful wonderful people.
Donna, Whitby ON


Glorious Greece – May, 2008

My trip to Greece was, indeed, GLORIOUS!!!!  I can’t stop telling people about what a wonderful trip I had – everything I wanted and hoped for was included – many exciting and interesting places to visit, enough “down” time, including some sun and pool time and, as usual, lots of walking and climbing!  It is a trip that will remain in my memory for many years to come and will always bring to me a feeling of warmth and a smile to my face.
Thank you – for your patience, laughs, understanding, and great trip planning.  Be sure to keep in touch as you start to think about 2010 for the Babes!!

Rebecca, Ottawa ON

I appreciate all the work you do trying to arrange a great trip!  Thank you.
I had a great time and my long-time dream was fulfilled and I am greatful that Rebecca and I get along so well as roommates.   Ilook forward to our next adventure!

Heather, Thornhill ON


Tuscany & Florence – October 2007

In Oct 2007 I travelled with the Women’s Travel Network to Tuscany, Italy.
It was a delightful experience.  From the moment I spoke with Debbis Ross, I knew that I was in good hands.  Debbie is a professional who listens to her clients and builds an unforgetable event.  From air transportation to land transportation, from excursions to meals, Debbie had everything well organized.  We stayed in upscale hotels and travelled in style in a 9 seater minivan with our tour guide Laura.  Laura was extremely knowledgeable about Tuscany, shared great stories and made sure we were always well fed and
happy.   It was a classy trip!   Thank you Debbie Ross for your attention to
detail and understanding just what we need!
I’ll see you next year for another delightful experience!

Carolyn, Unionville ON


Greece & Turkey, Minos Magic – June 2006

I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful Greek Odyssey for us. It was a great experience and we have come away with some new friends and lots of great memories. Unfortunately we are back in the real world again and working hard as I suppose you are.

Please keep us in mind when you start to plan more of these excursions.Thank you again.

Sue Gilchrist, Innisfil, Ontario

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that Ivan and I really had a wonderful time on our vacation.  I’m sure that it was your expertice that made things go as smooth as they did.  We are really greatful to you for helping all who needed help. Thanks again, all the best!

Ann & Ivan Robinson, Barrie ON


Promenade en Provence & Paris – June 2006

“Provence is a beautiful part of France that everyone should experience. It was great travelling with such a wonderful group of women and having everything looked after for you made it a stress free holiday.”

Sharon Brown, Goderich ON

Thank You for Your Amazing Help

I wanted to send you a virtual bouquet of flowers for helping me in Toronto to get a rental car.

I came by your card by chance or design when I was at the Calgary Women’s Show.  I don’t think we even chatted but being a single woman and wanting to travel, I took your business card with me from the show (not realizing you were not “local”).

Shortly thereafter I had to go to Toronto and again by chance or design I put your business card in my information for my trip.

Well it turned out a ride I was counting on did not happen and in a panic I phoned you from downtown Toronto. I explained to you that I needed a cheap rental car and where would I be able to find one on such short notice???

You took control of the situation and found me a rental car immediately.  You were professional and extremely helpful for some one you did not know.

Again I would like to pass on my thanks for your service. I am pleased to give you a glowing endorsement to your company and especially to you, for going above and beyond

Best wishes and much success,”

Francie Kane, Go4Us, Calgary, Alberta


Spas of Tuscany Tour – September 2004

“Thank you for all the work you did in helping to create the Tuscan Spa Tour. Everything was wonderful, the spa services, the food, the accommodations and especially not having to worry about anything. The group loved it. I’ll be back.”

Kailee, Toronto ON

“From the moment that I first contacted Debbie, I was very confident in her ability as a travel planner. I wasn’t mistaken. Every detail of the trip was taken care of and we traveled in style. We ate at the finest restaurants and were pampered in some very nice spas. The accommodations that she chose were above expectation. One thing that really impressed me about Debbie is that she asked each and everyone of us individually what the one thing was that we really wanted to do while in Italy …the one thing that would make the trip extra special, and she made sure that it happened. Debbie is a very down-to-earth, genuine person. I look forward to the day that I will be able to join Debbie on another travel adventure. Thanks a million for the memories!”

Darlene Knezevich, Rycroft, Alberta.


New York City Design Tour – October 2004

“What an exciting venue….the showrooms in New York were wonderful!   It was evident to our ladies’ group that you listened to our needs and were able to put together exactly what we were looking for.  Although we had limited time, I personally felt that I got a taste of everything from great restaurants and plays on Broadway to the wonderful walking tours that gave me an understanding of the eclectic mix of population that makes New York what it is. I know I can expect the best and look forward to more trips in the future!”

Ingrid Kyranis, C.I.D., Owner, Refining Spaces

Debbie organized a trip for the  Canadian Decorators’  Association in October 2004. A group of 20 women went to New York for a weekend of education, fun and shopping. Debbie had organized everything to perfection.  The hotel was in a great location and easily accessible by subway.

It was a fabulous weekend, and even more fun because Debbie was able to join the group, to make sure we had everything we needed. She is a fun and outgoing person who excels at what she loves to do.

I have used Debbie’s travel expertise for other trips since then, and her service and pricing has continually surprised me very pleasantly.

I can highly recommend her travel agency.  You will get excellent service with a smile, and always very fast.



Tuscany Wine and Culinary Tour – June 2004

“I had a Great experience with the Women’s Travel Network  – exceptional services provided – always prompt, courteous, very helpful – and loved Debbie’s personal touch. Although I am a married woman, my husband is not a traveller. This proved to be the answer to my prayers, a way for me to travel with other women, but in a small enough group (I didn’t want to be sitting on a bus with 48 other people). We ranged in age from a very young 40’s to mid-70’s. Right from the start, everything went smoothly – documentation arrived on time and many of us met for the first time at the airport. The arrangements in Italy were perfect – food, accommodations, transportation – it was a First Class trip! The group of 10 women (we called ourselves “The Babes on the Bus”) got along beautifully. Everyone was excited yet relaxed – we went with the flow. If we decided we wanted to make some changes to the itinerary for the day, there was no problem. The guides were excellent, extremely well-informed about the topics and the locales. Debbie had arranged for some special events, such as our evening dinner in a Tuscan Castle, and a wonderful evening and dinner on an outdoor patio to celebrate Canada Day! Everything in Tuscany was perfect – from the cooking class (so much fun!), to the wine tastings, to the hotels, to the ancient towns, etc. Really, I could go on forever – Florence and Rome were also great! Debbie was amazing – I would recommend the Womens Travel Network to  any of my friends and am looking forward to future trips. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Rebecca Bennett, Ottawa ON

“…After the first Day we knew this was going to be a very special group and named ourselves:  “The Babes on the Bus”.

We laughed, supported each others wants, took votes on what was most important when time ran out – teamed up for shopping for like minded desires – had many instant parties and enjoyed the company of each other and sharing our  findings of the day at every dinner event.

What a way to travel – Debbie Ross had reselected the best hotels in the cities of Italy that we chose to visit which were in walking distance to the highlights of the area and great restaurants.  She offered us a private bus for each day that we were traveling to out of city places where we could store our belongings and drop off our Italian wares and bargains (and some just have to haves).  No waiting in long line ups on hot days as our group was small.  Our tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and had the time to answer our many questions and never complained as we stopped often to take so many photos.  We experienced variety in wineries and were able to enjoy a wonderful day in a country vineyard with a hands on cooking class taught by very entertaining ladies.    Changes and emergencies were quickly taken care of with little effort shown and no disappointment to any one of the group.  Lots of very special locations thrown in that would be difficult to find on ones own.  Yes, it was a bit more costly, but definitely worth going away with every detail taken care of. Completely hassle free!!! Experiencing much more than one could manage on their own and offering a carefree environment – while following the itinerary which was so excellently presented.

The “Babes on the Bus” have agreed that we will travel once again as a group and are now planning our next destination.”

Jacqueline Witchell, Mississauga, Ontario