Past Travel Webinars

We love to share our knowledge with you on all things travel!

Past Travel Webinars

You are invited to explore all of our past webinars. These are full of tips and wonderful stories of women travelling together on our WTN group tours.
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Ethical Photography

We all love to travel, visit incredible sights and in some cases meet locals but how do practice informed consent or in other words Ethical photography?  Amina is our guide for Turkey September 2023 and throughout her career as a photographer/travel blogger/photo tour operator, she has taught her clients how to take photos and do it ethically so as not to offend the people we are visiting.   

Presented by Amina Mohamed 
Amina has always been passionate about photography, travel, and philanthropy. In 2018 Amina returned to photography full-time, combining her two greatest passions – photography and philanthropy. While on a photo tour with clients in Uganda, she saw the direct impact their dollars make through her Amina’s Cameras For Girls Charity.

Amina is passionate about travel and photography and keen to share her expertise with trip participants so they can authentically and ethically capture the location, the culture, and the people while learning how to operate their camera and/or smartphone in the field.

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Presented by Debbie Ross

WTN founder Debbie Ross shared experiences on the 2020 Galapagos tour. Debbie reminisced about her wildlife encounters, daily life on the private yacht and so much more.

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Presented by Debbie Ross

Debbie Ross and WTN Tour Hosts shared their recent travel experiences and what it was like to travel in 2022.  From their pre-flight cocktail at the airport to following new rules at historic sites. They covered the logistical aspects about travel in 2022 and took us on a fun-filled journey with photos and special memories from fabulous destinations around the world.

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Presented by Flygirl Lola Reid Allin

Explore Scotland with FlyGirl Lola and the Women’s Travel Network.
Our adventure starts in the revitalized port city of Glasgow then meanders the charming cobblestoned streets of Stirling. Actors enhance our Old Jail experience before we climb the hill to magnificent Stirling Castle. Next we’ll explore Fort William and Glencoe, considered by some the prettiest highland glen, then hop on the Jacobite Steam Train Excursion for a Hogwarts Experience to the seaside village of Mallaig. After a short visit here, we’re off on a five-day hike from Fort William to Inverness, passing four Lochs linked by the Caledonian Canal. We’ll end our journey poking around historic Urquhart Castle and rest our heads at 12thC Tulloch Castle, the ancestral homestead of the Bayne and the Davidsons.

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The Charms of IRELAND

Lori Dalton, a tour host for 16 years in over 12 countries talks about “The Charms of Ireland”.  A woman of Irish decent herself, Lori will shared St. Patrick’s dirty little secret, what makes him lucky, and how it is that everyone becomes Irish on March 17. What is it about Southern Ireland that brings everyone back? Is it the locals’ humour and charm, epic landscapes, or the powerful kiss of the Blarney Stone? Lori discussed it all  Sláinte!

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Let’s go ENGLAND


A romp through English history, ancient and modern. Explore quaint villages, churches, castles, and dungeons. Learn about major historic sites as we travel from London to Hampton Court Palace, Stonehenge, & Hastings. Next, we’ll visit Bath Spa, Stratford & Bradford-on-Avon, and Warwick Castle then head north to the Lakes District and Hadrian’s Wall.

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VIETNAM, the Dragon Reunified

Join Flygirl Lola on a journey through Vietnam.

Couturier boutiques and modern shopping malls. Royal palaces and Buddhist temples. Tree-lined boulevards bracketed by colonial villas. Hideaway beaches with tiny islands arching through tranquil waters like the Loch Ness Monster. And the world’s largest cave system. During our exploration of Vietnam, we’ll trek through terraced fields with Northern Hill Tribes, road trip with a former VietCong driver along the Chinese border, luxuriate on a private junk in Ha Long Bay, navigate scooters in Ha Noi, walk across the DMZ, shop the market for cooking class in historic Hoi An, visit the Royal Palaces of Hue, and meander the Mekong and tributaries. Travel with Lola and discover Vietnam is so much more than water buffaloes, rice paddy fields, ploughs, and conical-hatted farmers.

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What will future travel look like?

Presented by WTN founder Debbie Ross

Join WTN founder Debbie Ross for a discussion on what travel will look like going forward. Some of the topics covered will be vaccination passports, masks, safety protocols and travel trends.
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Sea, Sand and Summit

Join Flygirl Lola on a trek through Morocco, a land of stunning contrasts and hidden jewels. Plunge into the labyrinthine alleys and mesmerizing markets of medieval cities. Summit Toubkal, North Africa’s tallest mountain. Visit Roman ruins. Venture by camel with Berbers on a multi-day safari into the Sahara.

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Explore Top to Bottom

Our adventure begins in northern Antofagasta Region where Flygirl Lola leads us on a hike the driest desert in the world. We’ll crunch across salt flats, marvel at ancient petroglyphs, and tread carefully through the Southern Hemisphere’s largest geyser field. Moving south, we’ll amble art-festooned laneways in Santiago and Valparaiso then sample Colchagua Valley wines. A flight south takes us to the hiking trails of Patagonia followed by a multi-day, small-boat cruise to glacial Tierra Del Fuego. Here, at the end of the world, we’ll meander in the footsteps of Canadian invaders and Magellanic Penguins.

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Into Africa with Flygirl Lola

Feel East Africa seep into your soul as Lola’s photography captures the “Big Five”— lions, leopards, elephants, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceroses — as her safari vehicle bumps through Kenya’s preserved parklands of the Mara, Amboseli, and Lakes Nakuru and Naivasha. Hang out for the afternoon with a baboon troop in the shadow of Mount Kenya. Sleep over with the Masai, in a manyatta. Step into history at Karen Blixen’s house, immortalized in her 1937 memoir, Out of Africa.
Follow legendary Dian Fossey’s footsteps to observe her beloved Mountain Gorillas, whom she saved from extinction.

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Meet the Womens Travel Network founder Debbie Ross and her Tour Host team

The Women’s Travel Network was founded 18 years ago to help others experience the fascination of travel, the exploration, the connection, the growth, the sense of accomplishment, and the joy.
Our tour hosts are knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. They take care of the myriad of trip details, making sure everything runs smoothly, so our guests can focus on spontaneously living in the moment, not just being on a vacation.

During this webinar, you will Learn about the tour hosts and their favourite destinations. Hear about their most fascinating travel experiences. Find out where they are going in 2021 and 2022

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Guest Speakers and Topics

Michelle Hillier – Exploring Personal Wellness at Home with Confidence, Creativity and Connection

There’s no question that the current situation has disrupted usual work-life routines. The need to work from home is having significant impacts on the well-being and mental health of educators and students. In this hands-on practical session, you will discover, learn and experience how movement for personal wellness can nurture new levels of well-being in your work, your life, and the community around you. Personal connection is the key and that is difficult in these current times. See how movement can reduce stress & anxiety, increase self-awareness, mental health and nurture creativity. In a world full of right and wrongs, when you explore YOUR way of moving, the best part is “You Can’t Get it Wrong!”

Angela Dacey – Colours and How it Affects our Daily Lives

Learn how to use the psychology of colour and understand how it affects our thoughts and feelings. Curious why you chose to wear the Red sweater today? Ever wonder why you sleep so peacefully in your Blue bedroom? Need to get more organized this year? Find out what colour will help you achieve your goals. Let’s Live Life Colourfully!

Teresa Isabel Dias – Supplements & Vitamins for Optimum Health

Vitamins are essential for good health but you should get them through food rather than a supplement. Experts agree that a wholesome and varied diet already contains the vitamins and micronutrients you need. Find out what foods have a lot of nutrients, and what vitamins and minerals you should supplement with for disease prevention and optimum health, especially while travelling and unable to cook your own nutritious meals.

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Guest Speakers and Topics

Shawn Nisbet – Healthy gut, Healthy Weight, Healthy You

Easy Steps to Stay Healthy While Traveling” or during Stay Vacations or Anytime!
Traveling is wonderful, but it can also be stressful and detrimental to our health.  Learn some simple rules that can help you stay healthy and happy while on the go from your sleep to food choices to supplements.  These rules can also allow you to feel your best all the time.  

Cindy Stradling – The Universal Power of Laughing

We will explore the many benefits laughter has to heal and renew. Laughter is universal – no matter where you travel, laughter is recognized all over the world. It is a resource that can lighten the impact of problems and support emotional and physical health. Humour enhances your relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Diane Crawford  – Confidence – Develop Your Super Power 

Confidence impacts our careers, relationships, financial security, emotional health and overall well being. Individuals with high levels of confidence have a belief in their ability to succeed and capabilities along with low fear of failure

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Guest Speakers and Topics

AnnaLena Seemann –  How to Take Great Photos With Your Smart Phone 

Do you want to improve the quality of your travel photos? I will show you how to maximize your smartphone to capture better images from your travels. By learning these tips you will be able to take higher quality photos without bringing a large bulky camera.

Rowena Lamy –  The Power of Being Authentic

Join us for a personal and insightful look at the common thread that permeates the lives of everyone. From highly successful leaders we know to the young entrepreneurs who leave us in awe on YouTube and ourselves, as we go about our daily lives.  A fun, light hearted look at the tools in our toolbox that we can leverage to take our decision making  skills to the next level and create a more fulfilling experience for our Tomorrows

Elaine Charal – Handwriting: The Portable Paper Mirror

Elaine’s “Power of the Pen” talk is guaranteed to have everyone laughing and learning how to communicate even more effectively with team members, friends, family and those you meet on your travels through knowing what the strokes of Handwriting mean. On completion of Elaine’s Handwriting Form, she will send you an e-mailed Handwriting Profile of what the ‘paper mirror’ of your writing reveals about you!

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