Debbie Ross

Womens Travel Network Owner & Tour Host Debbie Ross

Debbie Ross

Debbie Ross, founder of Womens Travel Network has been providing travel services to her customers for well over 35 years. Debbie previously owned and operated her own travel agency after completing her travel education 40 years ago.

20 years ago Debbie realized the need for women to have an opportunity to travel without the single supplements, hassle of finding a travel partner or being placed in uncomfortably large tour groups.

In truth WTN began when Debbie needed an adventure of her own, she dreamed to see Italy. At the time her spouse wasn’t interested in seeing Italy and her friends and sibling were too busy in their daily lives to take the time off, Debbie felt she might not be the only woman in this predicament and she was right.

The first group tour Debbie organized and lead was an adventure in Tuscany, Italy and it was a smash hit. Once the group of women (affectionately dubbed “the babes on the bus”) returned home they all wanted to know “Where are we going next?” and this is really when Womens Travel Network was born. WTN has women from that original Tuscany tour that still travel with us today!

Since then Debbie has travelled the globe with groups of women, visiting every destination you can dream of.  We’ve added new tour hosts to our little company to meet the increasing demand of our clients, to this day our amazing team of hosts keeps on growing year after year.

Debbie and her team are truly pleased to join you in discovering the world. They are ready and waiting to help you experience the magic of travel.