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Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming tours we are currently working on.

Two things happen before we upload a trip to the “Tours” section of our website.
1st, we share the upcoming list of tours with our newsletter subscribers.
2nd, we work on completing each tour’s detailed trip itinerary.
Oftentimes after we’ve shared our tour list with our subscribers, our trips will sell-out from pre-registration before they make it to the website. If you see an upcoming tour destination that interests you, don’t hesitate to register in advance to save your spot. 
You can register by emailing debbie@womenstravelnetwork.ca

2025 Women's Group Tours Open For Registration

IRELAND – May 2025, host Angela Dacey

SPAIN – September 2025, host Kari Richardson

TUSCANY – September 2025, host Nathalie Wright

CHILE & ARGENTINA – October 2025, host Lori Dalton

CROATIA – October 2025, host Cynthia Hoy

INDOCHINA (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia) – November 2025, host Melissa Ross

RHINE RIVER CRUISE – November 2025, host Laureen Morris

2026 Women's Group Tours Open For Registration

TAHITI – January 2026, host Kari Richardson

THAILAND – February 2026, host Debbie Ross

UGANDA – February 2026, host Melissa Ross

GALAPAGOS – February 2026, host Angela Dacey

EGYPT – March 2026, host Nathalie Wright

EASTERN EUROPE – May 2026, host Melissa Ross

SCOTLAND – May 2026, host Cynthia Hoy

PORTUGAL – May 2026, host Angela Dacey

GREECE – September 2026, host Rowena Lamy

ICELAND – September 2026, host Melissa Ross

TURKEY – October 2026, host Debbie Ross

MOROCCO – October 2026, host Erin Bracken

SOUTH AFRICA – October 2026, host Laurie Flasko

KENYA – November 2026, host Kari Richardson

INDOCHINA (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia) – November 2026, host Nathalie Wright