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Magical Morocco: A Journey of Discovery and Bonding


Magical Morocco: A Journey of Discovery and Bonding

Join us as we share the incredible journey that our tour leader Ruthi had the pleasure of hosting, alongside a group of amazing women travellers, in the enchanting land of Morocco. From the moment our gals set foot in this vibrant country, their trip was a whirlwind of unique experiences and memorable moments.

The Dream Team

Our adventure in Morocco was elevated by two incredible individuals. Abdullah, our local tour guide, was not just a wealth of knowledge, but also a passionate ambassador of his homeland. He showed us the hidden gems, the rich culture, and the warm hospitality that Morocco is known for. Said, our trusty bus driver, ensured our safety throughout the journey. His expert driving skills and friendly demeanour made us feel right at home.

Diverse and Delightful Accommodations

Our journey was marked by a diverse array of accommodations. From beautiful hotels to exotic riads, each stay was a unique experience in itself. Our group of ladies truly appreciated the charm, comfort and character of these lodgings, and it added a special touch to our Moroccan experience.

A Promise of Amazing Experiences

Our adventure began with a grand Welcome Dinner, complete with delectable food and entertaining belly dancers. It was an evening that set the stage for the incredible experiences we were about to embark on. We could already sense that our trip would be nothing short of extraordinary.

Mosque Marvel: Hassan II

Our visit to the Hassan II mosque was a highlight that left us in awe. It’s the only mosque in Morocco where foreigners are permitted to enter, and the sheer scale of it, built to accommodate an immense number of worshippers, was truly mind-blowing.

Souk Adventures in Fez and Marrakech

Navigating the labyrinthine alleyways of the souks in Fez and Marrakech was both exciting and challenging. We delved into the heart of Moroccan market culture, discovering exquisite crafts, vibrant fabrics, and aromatic spices.

A Culinary Journey: Fez Cooking School

One of the most memorable days was spent at the Fez Cooking School. We embarked on a culinary adventure, going first with our hosts to the bustling vegetable market to buy fresh ingredients. We then spent time preparing a mouthwatering meal with age-old traditions taught to us by our chef and guide. Finally we savoured the fruits of our labor from a traditional tajine.

Fossil Discovery and Retail Therapy

We explored the world of fossil discovery, learning about the process and indulging in some serious retail therapy. The treasures we found were as ancient as they were beautiful.

Luxury in the Desert

Our journey took us to a luxurious tented camp in the desert. This five-star accommodation was beyond our wildest dreams. We were surprised to find these tents so beautiful decorated and even equipped with toilets and showers. Surrounding the exterior of the camp the desert sands were covered in colourful woven rugs which added this layer of texture and comfort everywhere we walked. The highlight for most of us was the camel ride on the sand dunes, where we witnessed a spectacular sunset. We even woke before dawn to catch the mesmerizing sunrise over the dunes too.

Nomadic Encounters and High Atlas Heights

We embraced the local culture by buying staple groceries as gifts and visiting a nomad family, where we learned about their way of life. Riding mules to a mountaintop restaurant high up in the High Atlas Mountains added a touch of adventure and breathtaking scenery to our trip.

A Relaxing Hamam Experience

Our group had the chance to enjoy an exquisite Moroccan hamam, which for all of us was a haven of relaxation. The steam-filled room soothes as a skilled attendant exfoliated our skin, leaving us feeling rejuvenated. The ambience, fragrant with oils and the sound of trickling water, created a serene escape, making it an experience we were glad we didn’t missed

Rug-Making Women’s Co-op and Majorelle Gardens

A visit to the rug-making women’s co-op allowed us to witness the artistry of Moroccan women creating unique rugs. We also explored the magnificent Majorelle Gardens, with its cacti section and stunning blue walls.

Spice Souvenirs: Berber Dispensary

Our trip wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the Berber dispensary to purchase spices, herbs and Moroccan remedies. The ladies in our group shopped extensively here for spices, armed with their new knowledge from our delicious cooking class.

Street Food Delights

As an ideal end to our wonderful journey, we indulged in street food at the night market food stalls in Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakech. The flavours and aromas of Moroccan street food are an experience in themselves.

The Hilarious Tuk-Tuk Ride

Our adventure wasn’t just about the sights and tastes; it was also about the laughter. We ended our time in Marrakech with a hilarious tuk-tuk ride back to our riad, creating unforgettable memories together.

Bonds and Friendships

What made this trip truly special was the bonds and friendships that developed within the group. We shared one delightful experience after another, forming connections that will last a lifetime.

Morocco is a land of enchantment, and our journey was a testament to the beauty of this country and the warmth of its people. If you’re looking for a destination that offers a blend of culture, adventure, and camaraderie, consider embarking on your own Moroccan adventure. It’s a journey you won’t soon forget.

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