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I’m so glad to have you here! My name is Debbie Ross, I designed Womens Travel Network 20 years ago to connect all women with the fascination of travel. Our small boutique group tours offer the experience of exploration, connection, camaraderie and the joy that comes from stepping out on a journey while in the comfort of likeminded women. My team and I are here to help you see this big beautiful world and develop friendships that last a lifetime while doing so.

A photo of Womens Travel Network founder Debbie Ross, creator and leader of women's only group tours for Canadian and American women.

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A group of smiling female travellers cheers around a dining table at a local farm in beautiful Croatia during Womens Travel Network's Croatia tour for women
Two female travellers relaxing in lounge chairs on a Nile River Cruise during Womens Travel Network's tour in Egypt

Bringing Women Together

Over the last 20 years we’ve helped women enjoy the fascination of travel and explore the globe! We’ve put 35+ years of experience into designing seamless group tours for women. Our tours allow you to simply show up for your adventure with your bags packed and not worry about a single detail. 

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Travel FAQs

Women of all ages and all walks of life travel with us (our average age range is about 50 to 70 but everyone is welcome.) Our travellers enjoy the safety of a group and the relaxed atmosphere of a women’s only tour. They enjoy making new friends, having new experiences and traveling in a comfortable and relaxed environment where every detail is already thought of.

We are from Canada, United States and some foreign countries. This is a multi-ethnic group of women coming together to share a travel experience catering to their individual desire.

No. This is not a singles group, our travel groups consist of women who are married, single, divorced or widowed. All are welcome.

No. Many women are traveling alone. That is part of the reason why Womens Travel Network exists, to provide women with traveling companions. Traveling as a group member you will feel like you are traveling with your best friends in only a few short hours.

No. Some women will know each other but the majority are coming together for the first time and making new acquaintances.

No. You will find women of all ages looking to share adventures, travel experiences and camaraderie. Age is not a common factor, it is the nature of the travel experience that brings us all together.

Yes. When women see how much fun it is to travel with us in a relaxed and safe environment, they love it and come back again and again. New friendships are made and often these women will sign up as roommates for future trips.

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