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WTN Travel Safe Commitment

All of us at Womens Travel Network are eager to get back to sharing travel in  the most inspiring destinations in the world. We know that the decision of when to resume travelling is a deeply personal one for you and we want to give you some reassurance around the steps we are taking to safeguard your health and to provide a fulfilling experience on your trip.
It all starts with you. We want to make sure you are comfortable when it comes to safety and hygiene. This is our commitment to mutual respect within our community and between travellers and the people we interact with on our tours.
Together with our longstanding partners around the world we have redefined our hygiene and sanitation protocols with stringent measures that ensure a safe environment as part of our tradition of hospitality.

Our people

  • Protective gear including masks and gloves will be worn by all our associates to provide a safe environment for our travellers
  • All associates will have regular temperature checks
  • All associates have a phone alarm as a reminder to practice regular sanitization


  • We are reviewing all our itineraries and adjusting to spend even more time in secluded locations with fewer other travellers
  • Our team of regional managers provide our group leaders with 24/7 assistance including quickly and efficiently modifying your route and activities to ensure you remain in covid worry free zones. Our managers are in regular touch with government certified medical teams for any requirements

Small groups

  • We are evaluating the minimum and maximum group size in order to ensure appropriate distancing between individuals
  • We are increasing the number of single spaces available
  • We are adding additional vehicles so we can operate with fewer travellers in each van, mini bus, or coach

Welcome kit

  • Our welcome kit will include a face mask and hand sanitizer. We are working to source Fair Trade masks to support members of our community in need during these difficult times


  • We are providing larger tables or additional tables to ensure that travellers can spread out at mealtimes
  • We are providing hand sanitizers at all meals and ensuring that soap and water are available for hand washing

We are working with our local suppliers and hotel and restaurant partners to be sure they are adhering to the most up-to-date health and safety guidelines according to the recommendations of the WHO, the CDC, the World Travel & Tourism Council and the UN World Tourism Organization.

Our transportation partners have pledged to: 

  • Conduct enhanced daily cleaning of vehicles and regular cleaning of all high-touch points such as door handles
  • Sanitize and inspect all vehicles before and after every journey
  • Make hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes available in the vehicle
  • Encourage the use of face masks for all participants within vehicles

Our accommodation:

  • All accommodation we stay in will continue to be regularly inspected by our teams on the ground

Our hotel partners have pledged to:

  • Adhere to international certifications and standards
  • Provide contactless check in and check out facility
  • Use hospital-grade disinfectant for housekeeping
  • Continuously clean and sanitize all touch points in public areas
  • Monitor chlorine dosage of swimming pools

Restaurants on our tours have pledged to: 

  • Ensure maximum hygiene of staff including sanitization of uniforms, wearing face masks, and wearing gloves in all areas other than the hot cooking range.
  • Wash and sanitize vegetables, fruits, and groceries
  • Wash all dishes at 80 degrees C.
  • Prepare food in small quantities to ensure only fresh food is served

At the airport:

New standard operating procedures will be in place at airports, including protocols such as:

  • Passengers should reach the airport a minimum of three hours before departure for all  flights
  • Passengers must compulsorily walk through a thermal screening zone before entering the airport terminal building
  • Trolleys will not be allowed in the arrival or departure sections, except for special cases, for which they will be disinfected.
  • Social distancing marks or stickers at a distance of at least a metre will be provided at the entry gates, screening zones, and passenger seating areas
  • All passengers will have to wear masks
  • Counters with Plexiglas or face shields for staff wherever there is interaction with passengers
  • Passengers will be required to install a government contact tracing app on their mobile phone

More flexible terms & conditions

We are modifying our deposit to be more flexible so that you can book your trip with confidence

Our travellers responsibility:

Prior to travels, travellers will be required to complete a pre-tour wellness declaration, confirming they aren’t sick, and have not come into contact with anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms.

On day of departure our tour hosts will have pre-tour health declarations to be completed by all travellers, making sure everyone is healthy and not showing symptoms of cold, fever, or COVID-19.

We are giving everyone who’s trip was cancelled this year, first chance to book a holiday for 2021.

We expect this document to evolve as we receive updated information from government health and safety sources. We are continuing to evaluate every aspect of how we operate our tours and welcome your feedback on how we can meet your expectations as we resume travel together.

Please feel free to provide your input on your suggestions, concerns or questions to

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