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Newfoundland Day 8 – July 15 – St John’s

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageSpent today wandering St. John’s. Visited signal hill which acted as a lookout during the 2nd world war.  A short tour took us to Quidi Vidi harbour with it charming fishing buildings and its artisans on display.  In times gone by this harbour was where the French came in the back door to conquer St. John’s.  One of our stops was to the Terry Fox statue at mile marker 0 where he started his journey.  We walked through one of many areas housing the jelly bean houses and marvelled at the variety of colours.  The afternoon was free to wander and some headed to The Rooms, which houses an art gallery and restaurant and some headed to Water St which is the main shopping district.  Our farewell dinner at the hotel was a treat and we had to say our goodbyes.  Everyone enjoyed the trip and hopefully we will see them soon again on another adventure with WTN.

Newfoundland Day 7 -July 14 – St John’s


Departed Trinity for St. John’s via the trans Canada highway.  First visit to Bull Bay to board the vessel to Witless Bay Eco area to view the wildlife.  Lucky for us we were privy to a huge pod of Humpback Whales who were so curious as to stay by our boat and give us an amazing view.  We then headed out to Gull island to view the tern, puffin and gannets..  It has tens of thousands occupying the island and they come back every year. Our journey continued to Cape Spear which is the most Easterly point in Canada.  Wild water, strong wind and cold temperatures greeted us.  Another fabulous day.

Newfoundland Day 6- July 13 – Trinity


No wake up call this a.m.  Our lovely B&B hosted a great breakfast at our leisure. We explored the village of Trinity which has a population of 80 people. Some of us hiked the “Gun Hill Trail which offers a view of the arms surrounding Trinity.   Summer months it swells as they have a pageant and dinner theatre pertaining to the history of this community.  We were lucky enough to enjoy the pageant and then a lovely lunch at a local spot called “2 Whales”

Lots of photo opportunities and craft shops helped us wile away our day.  Off to St. John’s in the morning.

Newfoundland Day 5 – July 12 – Trinity

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageHeaded out from Gander towards Our final destination of Trinty.  A drive through Terra Nova Park, on the Discovery Trail,  houses a beautiful gold course.  We are bound and determined to find ice bergs today.  Eventually we did find some off the village of Keels.  It had been a large one the day before but had broken up into growlers by the time we found them.  Growlers being a medium sized berg.  Lots of ice had washed ashore on the beach.  Lunch at the Bonavista Social Club was an experience.  The food was fabulous which included moose burgers and we were outside on the deck with a giant propane heater to keep us warm.  It was rain and wind all day.    The Bonavista peninsula was wild today as we headed to Dungeon Provincial park to view the rocks and waves in 8 degree Celcius weather.

Newfoundland Day 4 -July 11- Twillingate

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageWe headed out from Gander to take a leisurely drive to Twillingate in hopes of doing some iceberg spotting.  No luck with the icebergs today but the drive was scenic and eventful.  We visited the Beathuk Museum in Boyd’s Cove highlighting the aboriginal people who inhabited this island until around 1829.  Some of the photos show us hanging symbols in memory in the Meditation garden.  I found out today that the name Red Indian originated here with the Beathuks covering themselves in crushed ochre clay to keep away the bugs and the sun.  Drove over one of the causeways joining some of the many islands to Twillingate and explored the lighthouse and surrounds.  Heard the foghorn as the area was covered in fog so no chance of whale,dolphin or icebergs.  That will be for another day.

Newfoundland Day 3 – July 10 -Enroute to Gander

imageimageimageimageLeft Cow Head Enroute to Gander.  We have left  the North American plate and travelled to the European Plate.  The geography as gone from mountains to valleys.  We visited KIng’s Point with the most amazing craft store, in fact, apparently recognized as the finest one in all of the East Coast.  A small ice berg, known as an bergie bit, was spotted and a visit to the whale museum in town found us viewing the bones of a humpback whale 50 feet in length.  We headed to LewisporteIng’s for a “mug up” and fresh homemade goodies

Newfoundland Day 1- July 8 Viking Trail

All arrived and met up in Deer Lake with a transfer to our hotel in Cows Head.  Our driver /guide Andrew was there to meet us and will be providing us with a narrative/information for our entire trip.  Our route to our hotel is along the Viking trail and it has provided us with spectacular scenery already.  We passed an Inland Fjord and Gros Morne Moutain that is older than the Rockies and used to be higher as well.  No farming anywhere here as all the soil was washed into the ocean during the Ice age retreat.  Instead of land farming they have farming that feeds the fish as the soil provides food for all the ocean creatures around the island.  Spent some time sitting in the sunshine at the oceans edge admiring all its beauty.