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Jamaica trip review by Shannon Violo

Jamaica 1

After touring the island of Jamaica I am confident that I can now call myself a Jamaica specialist and guarantee there is a place for you in Jamaica mon!  Recently I had the opportunity to visit three main areas of Jamaica, Ocho Rios, Negril, and Montego Bay.  I have to say Negril is my favorite out of the group but it really is a beautiful country no matter where you are on the island.
Jamaica is a slice of paradise, rich in culture and influenced by the people that live here. They come from all over the world, and with their own natural produce and spices.  Jamaica is a treat for any foodie. They are known for their fine dining and specialties such as jerk barbeque.

Jamaica 2In Jamaica, there’s always a reason to dance. Whether you’re celebrating, or just walking down the street, you’ll find Jamaicans swaying to the beat. The people make Jamaica, and Jamaica makes the people. If there’s one thing they are well known for, it’s their music. From storytelling, to chat and gossip, if they can make music out of it, they will.


Jamaica Bob MarleyRhythmic reggae is part of who they are and they have shared that legacy beyond Jamaica’s shores. Reggae is simply, the international music of “All Right”.  Nine Mile is the birthplace and final resting place of Robert Nesta Marley, more commonly known as Bob Marley. Bob Marley was born in a small cottage in the rural village of Nine Mile and lived here until he was 13 years old. His house and community gave Bob the inspiration for many of his well-known songs.  A visit to Bob Marley’s home at Nine Mile includes a tour of the property from Rastafarian guides, which usually includes a rendition of one of Bob’s songs, memorabilia, his famous “rock pillow” where he rested his head for inspiration and the Marley mausoleum.

Jamaica NegrilFrom long sandy stretches to crystal clear water and secret coves, the beaches are where you make memories to last a lifetime.  The better beaches being in the Negril although most of the beachfront properties have gorgeous beaches. But if you are after that rich turquoise water then 7 mile beach in Negril is the place for you.  Jamaica offers a wide variety of tours and excursions, Island Routes being the main tour company.

Jamaica 3Dunn’s River Falls is the number one tourist attraction in Ocho Rios and one of Jamaica’s natural treasures. It has a truly remarkable atmosphere with beautiful cascading falls, which is a great pleasure and challenge to climb. The guides are very warm, friendly and make the walk up the falls not only fun but very safe.  A good pair of water shoes is a must in order to climb the falls or running shoes would work fine too.  One might think that the falls climb would be limited to active individuals but that is not the case at all.  The guides go at such a leisurely pace that even the least active person can make the climb without feeling over exerted.  Many stops are taken during the climb up for those famous selfies.
Jamaica shoppingIt’s true what they say. Jamaica has its own style Find it at local marketplaces so that when you return to reality, a bit of the island can live on with you.  Most of the hotels have their own gift shops, some have their own strip malls where they would sell various crafts, bags, purses, jewelry, Appleton rum, blue mountain coffee, clothing and so much more.  Souvenirs will be a better price at a local market and you can negotiate.

Jamaica golfIf its sports or adventure you are looking for then there is a place for you as well in Jamaica.   They boast 12 golf courses all beautifully maintained and lush.  Practice your swing, caddy up for a full 18 or sit back and relax on the 19th. There’s a course for every player.  Or perhaps you are a diver and want to head out in your glass bottom motorized boat where you dive with fully licensed instructors who ensure your safety before any dive.  Many resorts seem to be including motorized water sports in their All-Inclusive packages as they need to stay competitive with some of the other chains that offer so much in their packages.
Jamaica 4If rest and relaxation with a pinch of romance is in the cards for you then Couples or Sandals are the properties for you.  Enjoy relaxing couples massages in the spa facilities or most spas are offering in water floating massages where you and your partner are floating on pool noodles as the therapist works on your back and neck from beneath you.  The entire spa facilities are relaxing and air conditioned with a calmness that instantly has you feeling the Zen
Jamaica 5Large groups or weddings no problem!  Most resorts on the island have wedding coordinators on site who help with the planning of your special event or that special day.  They truly take the worry out of the entire event by working with you in advance before you even arrive at the hotel.  Wedding packages are very reasonably priced and compared to what you would spend creating a beautiful wedding at home the cost is minimal.  Attractive group rates are given by various tour operators to ensure your wedding day is filled with all of the important people you wish to be there with you.
With competitive prices, a variety of accommodations and an activity for everyone you cannot go wrong spending your holiday in Jamaica!

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